Teach a man to fish

What’s our end game? If God answers all of our prayers for a group of TNTers (Trained National Trainers), what’s it look like?


Vibrant churches impacting their world for Christ, led by pastors who faithfully and skillfully teach God’s Word with God’s heart

We consistently see, that after four years, the pastors (TNTers) that we’ve trained along with the pastors and church leaders that they have trained have…

  • Honed a set of Bible study skills by mastering 15 basic principles of interpretation (see our “Dig and Discover” principles).
  • Shown that they can consistently identify the “Big Idea” of a text…any text!
  • Learned to develop messages that are anchored to the Big Idea of the text.
  • Become excellent preachers by lots of practice along with honest feedback from our team and from their fellow pastors.
  • Embraced a Biblical understanding of shepherding God’s people.
  • Studied and understood 8 major portions of the Bible at an in-depth level, including Jonah, 2 Timothy, Mark, Genesis 1-11, Ephesians, and Psalms.
  • Learned the Big Idea of the Bible and how different texts connect to that over-arching message.


Multiplication is key. We don’t define success by our training of the TNTers – we have tons of evidence that those training times are effective. Success for us is what happens in their training of a 2nd generation – when those pastors and leaders are able to faithfully and skillfully teach God’s Word with God’s heart.


Gone Fish’n

We don’t give these pastors a fish—we teach them to fish…and how to teach others to fish. They become master fishermen who also teach fellow fishermen.

God is using men like Omar to equip other pastors…hear his story: