TNT – Launching Pastoral Training Movements Worldwide

what-we-doWhat is Training National Trainers (TNT)?

Throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas, Leadership Resources equips small groups of national pastors to teach God’s Word with the heart of a shepherd. We work closely with the same group of pastors for about 2 weeks per year over 4 years, allowing deep friendships to form.

Here’s where it gets really exciting and strategic – these pastors multiply the training by equipping fellow pastors and church leaders in their own country.

So TNT achieves depth – through an ongoing mentoring strategy and breadth – through a “large numbers” multiplication strategy. TNT goes both deep and wide. It’s the Apostle Paul’s strategy spelled out in 2 Timothy 2:2 and playing out in the 21st century.

Two ministry essentials

TNT focuses on…

  • How to Preach: Expanding their knowledge and developing their skills to more effectively study, teach and preach God’s Word. We emphasize the basics of Bible interpretation (hermeneutics) and the importance of faithful Biblical exposition.
  • How to Pastor: Embracing a biblical model of ministry that centers on the heart of God and includes concepts such as servant leadership, humility and vulnerability, multiplication of other leaders, and the New Covenant ministry.


TNT at a glance

  • Mentoring a single group of 10-20 pastors
  • Time commitment of 4 years
  • Two trainings per year, each about one week long
  • Highly relational training —lots of q&a, discussion, and feedback
  • Immersion in books of the Bible (see a sample of our curriculum on Jonah)
  • Layering process of teaching, interaction, and practice
  • On-going mentoring relationship between our team and the TNTers
  • Immediate application of training principles
  • Multiplication of the training into the lives of a 2nd generation of pastors and church leaders (who often go on to train a 3rd generation)
  • On-going accountability and feedback


Peter Motunga’s Transformation from TNT

We’ve come a long way, baby…

We’ve chosen to focus our pastor training on these two priorities – the Word of God and the heart of God. This narrow focus has allowed us to develop real expertise – we’ve found a sweet spot in the world of pastoral training.

Though we’ve made tons of mistakes over past 25+ years, by God’s grace we have learned how to effectively equip pastors to teach God’s Word with the heart of the Father across many cultures. The results are clear and compelling.

If you embrace these same priorities and passions, we’d love for you to partner with us.

Join us in strengthening God’s church around the world.

There are many ways to become involved:


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