What Makes an Excellent Bible Teacher? Dick Lucas Answers.

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What makes an excellent teacher?

In a recent episode of Help Me Teach the Bible, that is the question Dick Lucas answers.

Dick Lucas, former Rector of St. Helen’s Bishopsgate and Founder of The Proclamation Trust in the UK, has taught the Bible for over forty years. Lucas was one of Leadership Resources’ primary influences for launching Training National Trainers, training pastors worldwide to preach God’s Word with God’s heart.

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Dick Lucas UK Preacher at St Helens Proclamation TrustSome of Lucas’s most helpful thoughts are summarized below.

1. Seek honest feedback in the context of friendliness and fellowship with the goal of everyone getting a little bit better. Receiving feedback is like jumping in a cold swimming pool: “Once you love jumping in the cold swimming pool…you love swimming around.”

2. Preachers need to be both called by God and properly equipped to preach.

3. Excellent teachers have a hunger to learn. Be a reader. (See LRI’s recommended reading)

4. It is the job of a pastor to be looking for people in the congregation who are able to teach.

5. Ask the following questions of a preaching text:

  • What does the text actually say?
  • What significance has this for the world, my church, my neighbor?
  • How can I get that into order? (The outline of the text for speaking.)

6. Clarity in speaking is key. “The one supreme need of the speaker is clarity.” [This is why our training uses the Main Idea and Intended Response hermeneutical principle.]

7. Illustrations are helpful for giving people mental rest and catching the attention of the sleepy. [See 10 Pro Tips for Better Sermon Illustrations.]

8. Deal with discouragement. If you can’t deal with discouragement, you can’t continue in ministry.

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