Webinar Announcement: When Helping Hurts Cross-Cultural Leader Development

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Leadership Resources President Craig Parro will be presenting a webinar for Missio Nexus called When Helping Hurts Cross-Cultural Leader Development on October 29th at 2pm Eastern Time.

Read the description below:

craig1Good intentions aren’t good enough. Even a humble, servant heart isn’t enough for successful cross-cultural leader development. What are the vulnerabilities that Westerners face as we seek to serve Majority World leaders? When do our strengths tend to morph into weaknesses? In what ways do we end up undermining the very leaders that we’re seeking to build up? This webinar will explore the significant and often hidden challenges to healthy cross-cultural relationships. We’ll be discussing this subject as practitioners, not theoreticians. The facilitator has abundant experience, having worked with pastor-trainers in 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the South Pacific. Fortunately or unfortunately, his “experience” also means that he’s committed virtually all of the cross-cultural offenses that we’ll be talking about! Join us for this conversation of mistakes made and correctives found.

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