Two Edifying Conversations on Finding the Main Idea of a Book of the Bible

In recent episodes of the Church Theology podcast, friends of the ministry Kirk Miller and Dan Allen talk through finding a book of the Bible’s overall message. The first conversation explains the importance of the principle (which we call “Finding the Main Idea and Intended Response”) while the second applies the tool to the book of Philippians. They are edifying conversations you should enjoy.

Finding a Book’s Overall Message: Part 1

Finding a Book’s Overall Message: Part 2 – Case Study: Philippians

In Part Two, Kirk and Dan share one helpful way to think about the Intended Response of a book of the Bible, and it’s a handy little formula:

Author + Audience + Argument = Aim

You may also be interested in our article, “How to Find the Big Idea of a Book of the Bible.”

Kevin Halloran

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