Why Training Others Can Help You Be a Better Pastor

leer la bibliaRussell Smidt shared over at Matthias Media’s GoThereFor.com eight ways training others in ministry has helped him grow as a pastor:

  1. A ministry training philosophy (Eph 4) reminds me that my church is really Jesus’ church. It grows and matures because of him. So, as I invest in others to serve in Jesus’ church, I’m reminded that I’m replaceable.
  2. A commitment to ministry training keeps me looking for the next generation of gospel workers that God is raising up to serve in his church, enabling growth.
  3. Being a ministry trainer exposes me to working in a ministry team. It also takes away some of the loneliness of gospel ministry.
  4. Ministry trainees keep me purposefully thinking about why I do what I do in ministry.
  5. Trying to be intentional about ministry training means I have to plan ahead to create opportunities for others to serve.
  6. The more intentional I am about ministry training, the more opportunities I start to see for others to serve in ministry.
  7. Inviting someone else to walk alongside and learn from me exposes my life to them. That vulnerable sharing of my life is good for my godliness.
  8. Seeing someone else have a go and grow in ministry spurs me on to keep serving Jesus and his people.

Read the whole article at GoThereFor.com.

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