Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on what God has done in the year. Here is a smattering of the posts that God used to edify and empower pastors we train and friends of the ministry in 2017.

Top Blog Posts

1. Eight Reasons Why Consecutive Expository Preaching is Needed: An interview with LRI’s Tim Sattler. Also: Three Ways to Keep Consecutive Exposition Fresh.

2. Free Video Bible Overview Course: God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts

3. An Interview with Your Favorite Preacher’s Favorite Preacher: Dick Lucas of the Proclamation Trust.

4. One-to-One Bible Reading: A Simple Way to Fulfill the Great Commission. An interview with LRI’s Sean Martin on a powerful, but neglected, discipleship tool for every Christian.

5. Fighting the Prosperity Gospel in Africa through Bible Training: An interview with LRI’s Doug Dunton.

6. 10 Hindrances to Transformative Expository Preaching by Kevin Halloran

7. How One Man’s Heart for Discipleship Became a Worldwide Movement of Biblical Exposition: The Story of Leadership Resources: An audio interview with Bill Mills testifying to God’s amazing–and surprising–grace over 40+ years of ministry. You may also enjoy this interview with Bill: Adequate: How God Empowers Ordinary People to Serve.

8. Tim Keesee calls TNT “Nation Shaking” on Dispatches from the Front. Several years ago, LRI’s TNT program and Doug Dunton was featured on the popular missions DVD series Dispatches from the Front. This post shares the video and transcript of what was said. What a privilege we have to serve God in the way we do!

9. How a Biblical Theology of Work Can Transform Your Life: Interview with Dr. Jim Hamilton.

10. 10 Subtle Ways to Abandon the Authority of Scripture in Our Lives (D.A. Carson)

Bonus: Preaching the Bible’s Transformative Intent: The Why and How

Stories from the Field

Here are a handful of the stories how our training in biblical exposition is impacting pastor’s lives and ministries throughout the world:

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Kevin Halloran

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