What is the Book “The Trellis and the Vine” About?

One of the most popular and influential books on church ministry in recent years is The Trellis and the Vine: The Ministry Mind Shift that Changes Everything by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne and put out by our friends over at Matthias Media.

The book’s main metaphor compares a church’s ministry structures and gospel growth to a trellis and a vine. Church structures (the trellis) should support the true work of ministry (the growth of the vine), which is speaking the Word of God one to another.

In the video below, author Tony Payne gives a brief summary of the concept behind The Trellis and the Vine, a book which Mark Dever called, “The best book I’ve read on the nature of church ministry.”

Tony Payne explains The Trellis and the Vine

Colin Marshall on The Trellis and the Vine

“The center of what Christian ministry is the speaking of the Word of God by one person to another. That is what brings growth to people’s lives. We use this metaphor of a trellis and a vine to illustrate that distinction. The vine is the growing dynamic life that takes place as God’s Word brings change by His Spirit in people’s hearts and lives, and they grow as disciples…”

—Tony Payne

Book-Review-Cover-The-Trellis-and-the-Vine-Colin-Marshall-Tony-Payne-630x1024Leadership Resources International is a natural partner with Matthias Media and fan of The Trellis and the Vine because we believe in the power of the Word of God to transform lives and the ability of transformed people to share the Word of God with others.

This is a foundational conviction that fuels our ministry training pastors worldwide in the Training National Trainers program.

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