The Distracted Worshipper: A View from the Pew


Series Introduction: I’m swatting at mind-gnats. It’s Sunday morning and I’m struggling to be all here. Yesterday gnaws at me — the project unfinished, the game lost, the unresolved issue. What’s more, my impatient tomorrow keeps barging backwards into today. Oh to be fully now.

Jesus reigns, but in a distant, fuzzy realm. My worries, plans and pleasures are near and clear and dear. I hunger for Him, but also for lunch in two hours and football in four.

Pastor, feed me the Word of Life. Worship leaders, draw me into the Presence. Tech team, fade to black so that I only see Jesus. Help me detox. I am a distracted worshipper.

Read the Series:

  1. The Wonder of Worship
  2. Showing Vulnerability from the Pulpit
  3. Sensory Overload in Worship
  4. Don’t Leave God’s Word Upstaged on Sunday Morning
  5. Two Reasons I Avoid Topical Preaching
  6. The White Rabbit Syndrome
  7. Worship & Memory

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Craig Parro

Since joining Leadership Resources International in 1989, Craig directed its international ministry, and as of January 2010, he now serves as President. A graduate of TEDS (M.A., Mission), Craig is a stimulating teacher and has equipped and encouraged pastors and churches throughout the U.S., Latin America and Asia. Craig also serves on the Board of Directors of TOPIC (Trainers of Pastors International Coalition), an association of pastoral training organizations focused on accelerating pastoral training worldwide. Craig has authored articles appearing in several magazines. His first book, Unlikely Warriors, was published in 1992. He is also co-author of Finishing Well in Life and Ministry: God’s Protection from Burnout.