Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples! Psalm 96:3

Leadership Resources’ ministry is based on the fact that God accomplishes His work through His Word. It’s not just our conviction—it’s God’s promise to us (see Isaiah 55:11). Because of this, and our goal to equip pastors to preach faithful expository messages, God has worked in amazing ways through the Training National Trainers (TNT) program.



The preacher who only knew the story of Noah.

Noah“We are now able to prepare biblical messages that have depth. Not only that, but the believers have a new hunger for spiritual truth. We are now seeing our people edified and built up in their faith.” 

—The “Noah” Preacher. See the video of “Noah”s story.




Giving the “babbling” preacher a better Word to proclaim.

Motunga“I was blind, but now I can see…What I was preaching, I could not understand very clearly. In fact, I was just babbling in the ministry…When I entered TNT, I started knowing who God is, I started knowing the mind of God, I started knowing how to preach the gospel. That’s why I say that I was blind, but now I see. I can say that now, I am pregnant and about to deliver. And what I’m going to deliver is only what I have learned from TNT.”

— Peter Motunga, Kenyan Pastor. Watch a video of Peter sharing why our training left him “pregnant” and about to deliver.



They hadn’t heard it before.

Alan“All this teaching and all this presentation makes me search my own heart. Another thing I learned that … every pastor was like ‘wow!’ was when Paul was talking about how the lawyer operates and how a doctor operates…

The way that [Bible study] is done mostly in Honduras, is that we draw a conclusion and then we start looking for things that support our conclusion (what a lawyer does). A doctor asks all the questions and [understands] details first so he can arrive at the conclusion. That is something the pastors said they hadn’t heard before. If they hadn’t heard it, they hadn’t done it.”

— Alan, trainee in Honduras. Watch Alan’s short interview with LRI president Craig Parro on what sets our training apart from other training organizations.



Helping preachers avoid heresies and focus on the Word.


“The training helps to avoid heresies and to help them focus on the Word and to avoid this framework. . . . Most of the time in Africa, because of the background we have in animism, we try to enforce our points of view on the text. We, instead of letting the text speak to us, we want to speak on behalf of the text. . . . We need to work on that and avoid that.”

—Francis, a church planter in Togo. Watch Francis explain the importance of TNT for church planters in Togo.



God answered Rolando’s prayer.

Rolando“When God called me to pastor a church, I didn’t know how to preach. I was praying… ‘Lord, I want to know how to preach.’ I want that somebody helps me. I pastored three years with no one to help. Since then, I came to know LRI…and I loved that training because they started to tell me that I should only read the Bible and from there they will teach me the principles.

After four years, God has blessed me a lot, me and my wife, and my family. We are in the ministry and we want to keep going in the ministry…We are preaching the Word and I can see my people growing in the Word.”

—Rolando, a pastor in Oaxaca, Mexico. Hear the whole Before & After story of God transforming Rolando and his ministry through TNT.