Testimonial from the Field: A Wife’s Perspective

peglow-testimonial-300x225Recently, Kim Peglow (pictured first on the left) accompanied her husband Pastor Pat Peglow to Oaxaca, Mexico to finish the Training National Teachers program with Patricio Paredes, LRI’s Regional Director for Latin America.

Her time with LRI in Mexico supporting Sandra Paredes made such an impact on her by experiencing the transforming work of God through our TNT program, she wrote our office with this to say:

Hello Karen & Craig,

I wanted to send you an update on the trip…

First, I wanted to thank LRI on behalf of the wives and children [of those being trained]  for the special gifts you sent them. The expression on their faces was priceless when they received their gifts. It reduced me to tears of joy for them.

Both the pastors and wives wanted us to convey to you the enormous gratitude they feel in their hearts that LRI has provided the outstanding TNT training for them. It was evident that they felt loved, appreciated, supported, valued and encouraged for this training and for this special blessing of bringing their wives and children to their graduation ceremony. They expressed this many, many times.

On a personal note: I cannot find the words to convey how much I benefitted from both of your prayers for me this week…  God was abundantly gracious to me on this trip.  Pat & I and Sandra & Patricio were a perfect fit as ministry couples. We complemented each other with our gifts and personalities.  Sandra and I got along fabulously and worked together as a tag team with the women. We were able to connect heart to heart on so many different levels as ministry wives and we were able to connect on a deep level with the other pastor’s wives, as well.  It was evident through our lessons and our discussion how desperately the wives needed this time to be refreshed, rested and restored by God’s Word and by fellowship and encouragement.

One big realization I walked away with, was,  that it doesn’t matter if there is a cultural and language difference.  No matter where God has placed us, we all have the same needs as believers and as fellow disciples and minister’s of God’s Word.

I came home spiritually & emotionally recharged. I also came home with some new friendships of Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ.  :)

Every time Pat comes home from an LRI training session, he is pumped. Thank you for the opportunity to go with Pat and experience God’s magnificent work in Mexico.

This was also a wonderful trip for Chelsea to come on and see, firsthand what her father does with LRI and to meet these wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. She thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and vice versa. At least she speaks some Spanish. LOL  I believe God also met her in a special way too!!!

With an extremely grateful heart,



Below is a testimonial from the wife of one of the men in Brazil who went through the TNT Program. Listen as Camilla describes how God used TNT training from Leadership Resources to transform her husband’s heart and build his confidence in ministry:

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