Ignite a movement of God’s Word in Tanzania

8367524277_55df4b2d53_zQuick Stats:1

  • Population: 45 million
  • 17.9% evangelical Christian
  • Swahili and English are official languages

Country Overview:
This country in eastern Africa is home to Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti ecosystem, one of the top natural wonders of the world known for its diverse wildlife. Like many underdeveloped countries, Tanzania needs assistance improving education, infrastructure, and availability of adequate drinking water. Witchcraft is prevalent, sometimes permeating Christian communities and practices. Training pastors in expository preaching will root the Tanzanian church in the Scriptures and feed spiritually hungry people the Word of God.

Training Opportunity:
Since beginning training in Tanzania several years ago, we have trained twenty men who have passed training on to over six hundred pastors and church leaders. Of those twenty, five men of the highest caliber will receive advanced training in Word Work (to sharpen exposition skills) and Program Work (to provide necessary training in administration and strategic planning).

Our goal in training these five “Mentor Trainers” is to empower them to take ownership and leadership of all future TNT training in the country and create a sustainable movement of God’s Word in Tanzania. Several of these five pastors are closely affiliated with Bible schools and are working to integrate the Training National Trainers process into the larger curriculum and educational paradigm.

We estimate these five men will lead six to twelve training groups of 15-20 Tanzanian pastors each and develop more “Mentor Trainer” movement leaders in Tanzania. Investing in these men will build upon the existing groundwork increase the spread of God’s Word among Tanzanian pastors and churches.

Choose from Three Levels of Involvement

Ongoing Partner
As an ongoing investment, you, your Bible study group, or church can help sponsor a training cohort.

Anchor Partner
Partner with us over two years to equip the same group of national pastor-trainers—a chance to influence the pastors and churches of an entire nation.

Strategic Partner
Fully fund training ($13,000 per year) and send leaders from your church to participate in the training team. A chance to both launch a pastoral training movement and disciple your church leaders in missions.

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    1 Figures courtesy of Operation World.
    Photo courtesy of romanboed on Flickr and used under the Creative Commons license.