Indonesian Pastor: “TNT has been an answer to prayer and an encouragement to our family”

Training Indonesian Pastors in Expository Preaching

The video below features Herediki, a pastor from a remote Indonesian village, sharing how LRI’s Training National Trainers program has transformed his life and ministry by equipping him to preach biblical sermons.

Traveling to his town to film this video was the first time LRI staff has had contact with Herediki. Herediki receives training from his pastor, Audy. Audy has been trained and faithfully passes his training on to Herediki and others in their remote Indonesian village.

Transcript of the Video: 

My name is Herediki Lupon. I attend a Baptist church in the village of Atep Oki. I joined this church to understand the Word of God related to me personally. This church has an emphasis on helping us understand the Word of God more clearly. This church is different than other churches around us: how we follow Christ is seen in our lifestyle with God’s Word.

I am an assistant pastor for the church. I wanted to become closer to the Lord and take the steps to become a minister, but I have not had the opportunity to go to seminary. Since I was young, I have had the desire to enter theological school, but was not able to follow my desires. All of the pastors that come to pastor here have encouraged me to attend theological school. But there are many challenges to getting to a theological school. It is quite far away, very time consuming and finances are very limited. And besides, I am forty-nine years old now. But it’s OK. So far, I have learned the training from Pastor Audy, and I can understand the Bible much clearer now.

TNT Training has been an answer to prayer and a great encouragement to our family… When Pastor Audy returns from a TNT training, he teaches me and others what he has learned, lessons about finding the big idea of a text, understanding the context of a passage, and many other lessons. This allows me to have a much more detailed understanding of the Bible, a better understanding of the context of the text.

Before I learned the TNT method that Pastor Audy taught me, when I would preach a sermon, I would just speak about any idea I found and would like to talk about. After learning the TNT methodology, I have become much more careful. I try to be an encouragement to the congregation so they can understand the true meaning of God’s Word. This has been helpful for my own family and the church members as well.

We try to give the training to our whole family so that our family can continue to be faithful. Not only our children, but also our grandchildren. I would really encourage you to continue the TNT training because it is having a very big impact—not only to the pastor, but to the church members. It has really become an encouragement to me personally.

Herediki is living proof of how God is using second generation TNT training to further strengthen the global church and is another example of why we love being a 2 Timothy 2:2 ministry!

“…what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” 2 Timothy 2:2

God’s Word spreads by equipping faithful pastors to rightly handle and proclaim God’s Word. Learn how you and your church can join us in this important work.

Read more stories of how those we have trained are impacting others by passing on their training.

Leaving a Legacy in the Scriptures: Amparo’s Story


In December of 2014 as I rode in a crowded sedan through the rainy streets of Quito, Ecuador, I heard one of our students in the Training National Trainers program share God’s work in her life as a result of our training in the Scriptures.

AmparoHer name is Amparo and she’s the wife of a pastor we work with in Quito who organizes training for his family of churches. When we asked Amparo how God has used our training in her life and ministry, her eyes perked up and she began to pour her heart for the next ten minutes about how God has transformed her life and the lives of those she has trained. Here is some of what she said:

…I have shared the training with the twenty women small group leaders I lead on Monday nights. We have gone through Jonah, 2 Timothy, and went through Philippians on our own using the principles we have learned. They have absolutely loved it. Some have said that they never understood the Bible before they began this training. Now they are all confident to share and lead their groups. They say, “When you study this way, you don’t forget what you study!”

These women present their expositions in front of each other, something they were very afraid to do at first. Some of the presenters went “off the line” in presenting their expositions [that is, adding to what Scripture clearly says or taking away from God’s Words in Scripture], but the question “Where does the Bible say that?” helps anchor these women in the Word. They even talk about the preaching from Sunday morning to see if the pastor is “staying on the line” or understanding the structure of a biblical passage accurately.


Amparo, Renan (Amparo’s husband), and Juan (Amparo’s brother), among church leaders in Quito receiving training in the Training National Trainers program.

I also am teaching a group of young people in our church as well. My heart is heavy because I know it is our job to leave a legacy in the Scriptures with the next generation. I know that this generation doesn’t handle the Scriptures like we should, but we have the opportunity now to leave a mark on the next generation of preachers.

…This [Training National Trainers] is one of the best investments we can make as a church. We want to take advantage of the opportunity and pass the training on to others as well.

TNT Update: God at Work in Myanmar


The Apostle Paul endured much hardship in his ministry:

Three times I was beaten with rods. Once I was stoned. Three times I was shipwrecked; a night and a day I was adrift at sea…” (2 Corinthians 11:25).

While we don’t have any stories that can top the Apostle Paul, we can share the story of a couple of remarkable men we have trained from Myanmar who are going through thick and thin to take their training in expository preaching to others.

Our Training National Trainers program equipped them to preach the Word and transformed them by the Word. Now they want to bring that same blessing to others. We know that when God’s Word is faithfully proclaimed and Christ is exalted, lives are changed through the life-giving power of the Scriptures.

Below is a video documenting a typical journey Rawang Pong takes as he goes to train one of seven second generation groups he has started as a result of our training. Rawang Pong and James are living testimonies of God’s faithfulness in our goal of launching pastoral training movements worldwide!

How does Rawang Pong get to training? Travel Conditions in Myanmar

Below is an interview with Rawang Pong and James

Here are some highlights of Rawang Pong and James’ ministry:

  • Rawang Pong and James are launching eight different groups (seven already started as of 05/14)
  • They are now equipped to fight false doctrines
  • They strengthen churches by teaching others how to preach expository sermons
  • They target young leaders to train up the next generation
  • They take the training to four other ethnic groups
  • They have included the TNT curriculum in a three month Bible School program

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One Pastor Obeying the Call to Multiply His Ministry

A major facet of Training National Trainers (our pastoral training program) is multiplication.

We train pastors in biblical exposition, they encounter God through His Word, and they take our training and share it with other pastors in their area and leaders in their church.

The video below includes Rolando from Oaxaca, Mexico. God answered Rolando’s prayers by sending Leadership Resources International to train him to study and preach Scripture; and now he is going out to train others.

Through training leaders like Rolando, Leadership Resources International is obeying God’s call in 2 Timothy 2:2, “what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

Rolando is truly doing 2 Timothy 2:2 says!

Be praying for this man and his ministry!

Your church can be a part of God’s work through Leadership Resources! Find out how you can become an anchor church and partner with us to strengthen the worldwide church with the Word of God.

Update: God at Work in the Hearts of Ecuadorian Pastors and Church Planters


In December 2013, Leadership Resources International sent several of our trainers to Ecuador to lead training in our Training National Trainers program in the cities of Quito, Pedernales, and Portoviejo.

The results? God showed up. Each of the three training sessions were rich and impactful times studying the Scriptures and practicing Bible study tools to better draw out the rich truth of God. Many pastors shared how being a part of our training sessions is forever changing their lives, ministries, and preaching.

Should this be a surprise? I will argue that it shouldn’t be. God stands by His promise that He will not let His Word return void, but will use it to accomplish what He purposes (Isaiah 55:11). That is one reason why our training method of practicing hermeneutical tools while being immersed in a book of the Bible is so effective—God is behind it because He deeply desires for His Word to be faithfully proclaimed and handled correctly (2 Timothy 2:15).

TNT equips pastors with the tools they need to teach and preach God’s Word, and while they are studying God’s Word, God speaks to their hearts and transforms their lives, and in turn their ministries. We should not be surprised by God’s faithfulness!

IMG_0203-300x225One trainee, Oscar (standing in photo to the right), told me that he wants to share the gift of the training with others by going out and leading other pastors through our training.

He is currently running training sessions at his church, with other churches in the area, and with a group of rural pastors nearby. He realizes the importance of our training because he knows first hand that faithfully preaching the Word of God brings spiritual life and transformation.

Oscar and other pastors share their stories below of how God is using our training in their lives.


  • Oscar is currently planting a church and sharing our training at his church, to other churches in his area, and to a group of rural pastors.
  • Oscar’s response to the free gift he received of training in biblical exposition: “Keeping in mind that others do that for us; we are doing the same for others, going to train other pastors as well.”


  • Alberto shares his deep convictions after receiving our training: “We want to be biblical, we want to be Christ-centered, and we want to preach the truth. Thanks be to God that He has given you the opportunity to share with us.”

Juan Pablo:

  • pablo-300x237“TNT has been a huge blessing in my life in a very special way. We have been through a few sessions of TNT and I believe that each day it helps me, challenges me and prepares me to present God’s salvation message. This message transforms lives, this message directs men, women, children and families to live and walk Christ-centered lives.”
  • “I encourage many who can sit themselves down and work hard to handle the word of God rightly, to look in the Word of God for truth that we many times take very lightly…”



Juan Carlos

  • “[After TNT] I am amazed at the richness of the Word of God. The richness we can find in the word of God is so amazing. I am also amazed at the responsibility that we have to work in communicating the Word of God as it was given. We can communicate our own words, our culture can interfere, our thoughts, our theological formation many times. I am very amazed and impressed and I know the responsibility that we have in communicating the Word of God is very great.”

Leadership Resources works with pastors worldwide to train pastors to teach God’s Word with God’s heart.

Learn more about Training National Trainerswhere we work, and how to get involved.

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TNT Update: Results of Our Pastoral Training in Brazil


Our 2011 banquet called “Taste of TNT Brazil” shared the transforming work of God all over the county of Brazil through our Training National Trainers (TNT) Program. Hear about God’s work in the eight videos below that:

  • Explain the organic multiplication of our program
  • Share four stories of individual transformation (including the wife of a TNTer!)
  • Give a glimpse into the future of TNT in Brazil
  • Show God’s name being praised!

You can help train pastors all over the world! Learn how your church can make a difference or make a donation.

Explosive Growth!

Ricardo’s Heart Transformed!


Fabio’s Testimony


Ronaldo’s Testimony


A Spouse’s Testimony


What is the future of TNT Brazil?


Reaching our Goal: God’s Name Being Praised


“I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” in Portuguese

TNT Results: 2nd Generation Pastoral Training in Honduras


One of the goals of the Training National Trainer Program is for those trained to go and train others, following Paul’s exhortation to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2 to take what they have been taught and go and “entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

Time and time again we hear of “Second Generation” TNT Groups (that is, trainees starting their own training sessions with others in their country) springing up all over the world.

Recently, one of our Honduras TNTers led his own second generation group in his home country of Honduras. The man pictured below teaching is that TNTer named Pedro Segundo. The ironic part is that the surname Segundo means “Second” in Spanish–which is the perfect name for a man leading a 2nd Generation TNT Group!

Below are some pictures taken at the training session. Praise God for using His Word to transform ministers in Honduras and all around the world!

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