The Story of the Cursing Pastor!


Dear Friends and Partners,

This morning I heard a sad, yet precious story here in Papua New Guinea (PNG), one of the most remote and poorest countries in the world…a place and a people that God has called us to serve.

preslyPastor Presly told me and another trainer about the Kol, a mountain-dwelling people, two very long days away. Presly walks there, arising at 4am on the first day, and then at 4am the 2nd day. And ­these aren’t lovely strolls in a garden…he’s clambering up and down mountains paths and fording rivers, trekking each day until the daylight is gone.

Why? After all, we’re not paying Presly to do this. Why would Presly risk his life to take the TNT (Training National Trainers) training to these primitive, nomadic people? Because there is a famine for the Word of God throughout PNG.

Presly invited a local Kol pastor to attend the TNT teaching. Sadly, the people of his church are Christian in name only. Sunday they go to church and then Monday they offer food to their ancestors so that their dead relatives will bless them with money.

Presly urged these Kol leaders, “Teach the Word. Stay on the line of God’s Word when you preach…don’t add to God’s Word, and don’t subtract from it”.

As the training week went on, this same pastor got more agitated. Twice he cursed out loud, angry that his denomination had never taught him to teach the Bible. “Please, please” he cried out, “give me the TNT curriculum so I can teach others”.

Tomorrow, I’ll have the privilege of handing Presly a certificate celebrating his TNT graduation, after 4 years of diligent study and multiplication. The Kol people will be rejoicing with us!

Thank you for embracing our mission to equip and encourage pastors to teach God’s Word with God’s heart. Thank you for equipping pastors who have no access to biblical training.


Celebrating the grace of God in Papua New Guinea,

Craig Parro,

PS: Presly can’t give this local pastor the TNT curriculum….we don’t have it translated into a language that he can understand. Would you please consider a generous gift today to help us get our teaching materials into more languages? Donate to Leadership Resources.

Hear Pastor Presly tell his story: