Rebuilding After a Deadly Earthquake: Ecuador Relief Update


Leadership Resources and our partners in Ecuador have been encouraged by the response to our Ecuador relief appeal and how God has used the funds to minister in Portoviejo, Ecuador.

Rebuilding after an earthquake is never easy, and it takes wisdom to know where to start. The most obvious place to start is with food and shelter for our affected brothers and sisters.

13002334_10207859540359396_4187493265238930468_oCongregants in churches in areas affected by the earthquake suffer the loss of homes, property, and sometimes their livelihood. When you rely on your car or bike for work, losing either one of those things becomes very costly.

This loss suffered by many church members has directly impacted pastors and their families as well, not only in terms of increased hours caring for hurting people, but also economically, since pastoral salaries largely come from tithing, which has been impacted by the earthquake.

Because of this, relief funds sought to provide funds for tuna, grains, and pasta for pastors and their families. Instead of the funds going directly to the pastors, our partners had a smarter idea: they gave it directly to the pastors’ wives.

According to the “experts”, wives/mothers are the best household administrators. (But we don’t need experts to tell us that!!! :))

In addition to providing sustenance, relief funds helped The Good Shepherd Church in Portoviejo – a church of about 300 that was devastated by the earthquake – rebuild their space for children’s Sunday School.

Another church, founded by pastor and chaplain Elvis Cerón in a community near the province’s prison (El Rodeo), used funds to buy building materials for their children’s ministry.

One unmarried TNTer, a youth minister who is about 30 years old, brought food home, which impressed his unbelieving father. “Why would strangers from the other side of the world send money to us?” This gesture has softened his stance toward his son Luis Gabriel having church friends over and going to share Christ on the streets.


Luis Gabriel (far left) and Pastor Elvis (second from left) studying the Psalms in TNT.

Praise the Lord that we can be such a tangible presence to our suffering brothers and sisters in this hard time!

Thank you for your generosity and being the hands and feet of Jesus in Ecuador. Let’s keep praying for God to use these difficult times for His glory and the building of His church.

There is still time to help churches of Portoviejo, Ecuador rebuild.

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