“Powerfully Effective”—An Outsider’s Perspective on TNT Training in Central Asia

agc-logoMike Erwin, a friend of the ministry and former chairman of deacons at Anchorage Grace Church in Anchorage, Alaska, traveled with us to observe our pastoral training in an undisclosed country near Central Asia.

Here is a glimpse into his experience:

I’m so impressed by LRI’s leadership vision—to empower and support local men to evangelically share the Good News through preaching, teaching and mentoring new pastors in their home country and language. Raising up talent in-country, rather than external/traveling pastors strikes me as powerfully effective. These local pastors live their faith under challenging circumstances so unlike what we’ve considered normal in America.

This workshop provided teaching, training, and encouragement to local pastors with little or no access to seminary or classroom training in their home country. Not only did they receive in-depth Gospel training, but techniques to determine the broader context and message in scripture.

What next struck me is the commitment of local pastors attending the workshop. Several came knowing their homes, churches or families could be at risk during their absence. Many expect persecution… Yet all came with joyful hearts, engaging fully in the workshop, praising the Lord Most High, and enjoying the fellowship of Brothers.

LRI dutifully hosted this workshop on a tightly managed, well thought out budget. Expenses were minimized, nothing was extravagant, and the committed team overachieved on a shoestring budget. After attending the workshop I’m committed to financially support the LRI team and their mission.

—Mike Erwin
Former Chairman of Deacons at Anchorage Grace Church

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