Ignite a movement of God’s Word in Myanmar

Missions in MyanmarQuick Stats1

  • Population: 50 million
  • Language: Burmese
  • Major religions: 80% Buddhist, 5% evangelical

Country Overview
Myanmar (or Burma), is an underdeveloped Asian nation with an evangelical church growing close to three times the pace of the country’s population. Originally a British colony, Myanmar had a military dictatorship until a civilian government took over in March of 2016. Issues in Myanmar include: ethnic strife, a large income gap, and systematic violence against ethnic minorities.

Training Myanmar leaders in biblical exposition is strategically important to ensure spiritual vitality for the growing evangelical church in Myanmar.

Training Opportunity
After four years of successfully training 21 Burmese pastors, professors, and Bible translators in the Training National Trainers (TNT) program, we will begin phase two of our work and further develop eight of the most gifted men (Mentor Trainers) to spread our training in exposition throughout Myanmar.


Second Generation training in the remote village of Naga

Because of the gospel and our training, ethnic and ecclesiological barriers have been broken down. A sampling of our Mentor Trainer group shows just that: three professors at Reformed Theological College of Myanmar, a denominational trainer, and a pastor from the Pentecostal Church of Myanmar all are working together for the gospel’s advance.

Many have already taken the training to remote locations in Myanmar (sometimes a five-day journey away) to train remote tribes in TNT.

Our hope and prayer is that God continues to use this group of trainers to equip and encourage many for faithful expository ministry in Myanmar.

Choose from Three Levels of Involvement

Entry Point
For an initial investment, you, your Bible study group, or church can help sponsor a training cohort.

Anchor Partner
Partner with us over two years to equip the same group of national pastor-trainers—a chance to influence the pastors and churches of an entire nation.

Strategic Partner
Fully fund training in Myanmar ($30,000 per year) and send leaders from your church to participate in the training team. A chance to both launch a pastoral training movement and disciple your church leaders in missions.

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For more information on this opportunity, please contact Melanie Lachick. Email Melanie or call 800-980-2226. Melanie can also tell you about the ways that we’d love to serve your church.

1 Figures courtesy of Operation World.