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Training National Pastors in Biblical ExpositionEvery kingdom-minded church and individual yearns for long-term impact in their ministries and missions programs. Leadership Resources offers an opportunity for lasting impact to ignite movements of God’s Word by investing in the pulpits of the nations through pastoral training.

Our ministry thrives on faithful partners who support our training venue through prayer, finances, and sometimes traveling to train alongside us.

Several partnership opportunities exist for training groups in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. For more information on partnering with our work training pastors to preach God’s Word with God’s heart, please email Melanie Lachick or call 800-980-2226.

Current Partnership Opportunities Include

480px-Asia_(orthographic_projection).svgCreative Access Asian Country

This training will further develop a number of our gifted students (Mentor Trainers) from our Training National Trainers (TNT) program. They have been passing on their training in biblical exposition and hermeneutics to other ministry leaders in their large network of over 400 churches in some of the world’s largest metropolitan areas. Our hope is that these trainers, along with other Mentor Trainers in the country, would help spread a movement of God’s Word across the whole country to win many to Christ and build up the existing church.

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Missions in CubaCuba

Our training in Cuba will consist of two groups.

The first group’s training will be done in conjunction with brothers we have trained from a large church in Atibaia, Brazil. We hope their faithful example will encourage our Cuban brothers to not only be transformed by God’s Word, but to think in terms of a movement of the Word of God in their country.

Our second group will work with MOCLAM (Moore College in Latin America) to train ten pastors and church leaders. This group’s advantage is having already received biblical training from Moore and passing on training to others in their networks. Lord willing, this will make passing on their training with us in biblical exposition second nature and fruitful for the strengthening of pulpit ministries in Cuba.

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Our work in India is spread across three different locations in different stages of development.

  • In Northeast India, we will continue to invest in key men we have trained (Mentor Trainers) who are now expanding our training in and around one of India’s fastest growing metropolitan areas. Three of these men have been appointed by denominational leaders to head up ongoing training using TNT for pastors, church planters, and missionaries in their denominations (Churches of Northern India, First Evangelical Church Association of India, and Asian Outreach Ministry). Training has already expanded outside of India into a creative-access country.
  • In Northwest India, we will start a training group in October 2016, drawing from five potential states. Pray for this group to have God’s Word grip their hearts and fuel a desire for Word-driven preaching, training, and discipleship.
  • In North Central India, we have begun discussions with leaders about training. Pray for fruitful discussions, a desire for training, and a logistical ability to see it happen.

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MyanmarMissions in Myanmar

After four years of successfully training 21 Burmese pastors, professors, and Bible translators in the Training National Trainers (TNT) program, we will begin phase two of our work and further develop eight of the most gifted men (Mentor Trainers) to spread our training in exposition throughout Myanmar.

Many have already taken the training to remote locations in Myanmar (sometimes a five-day journey away) to train remote tribes in TNT.Because of the gospel and our training, ethnic and ecclesiological barriers have been broken down. A sampling of our Mentor Trainer group shows just that: three professors at Reformed Theological College of Myanmar, a Church of Christ denominational trainer, and a pastor from the Pentecostal Church of Myanmar all are working together for the gospel’s advance.

Our hope and prayer is that God continues to use this group of trainers to equip and encourage many for faithful expository ministry in Myanmar.

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Missions in RussiaRussia

Our St. Petersburg cohort consists of twenty-five evangelical Baptist pastors; some of whom have received no formal Bible training, and others serve as regional Bishops for the Russian Baptist Union. This range of education and experience has created wonderful dynamics in the group. The senior ministers have shown Christ-like humility and have taken it upon themselves to encourage the younger ministers. One Russian pastor commented that before the training began, he found himself bored with preaching and the Scriptures, until the training awakened a new desire to study and preach the Word.

With our expanded training opportunities in Russia and Central Asia, we desire faithful partnerships with churches who can support our training financially and by traveling to train with us.

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Since beginning training in Tanzania several years ago, we have trained twenty men who have passed training on to over six hundred pastors and church leaders. Of those twenty, five men of the highest caliber will receive advanced training in Word Work (to sharpen exposition skills) and Program Work (to provide necessary training in administration and strategic planning).

Our goal in training these five “Mentor Trainers” is to empower them to take ownership and leadership of all future TNT training in the country and create a sustainable movement of God’s Word in Tanzania. Several of these five pastors are closely affiliated with Bible schools and are working to integrate the Training National Trainers process into the larger curriculum and educational paradigm.

We estimate these five men will lead six to twelve training groups of 15-20 Tanzanian pastors each and develop more “Mentor Trainer” movement leaders in Tanzania. Investing in these men will build upon the existing groundwork increase the spread of God’s Word among Tanzanian pastors and churches.

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For more information on this opportunity, please contact Melanie Lachick. Email Melanie or call 800-980-2226. Melanie can also tell you about the ways that we’d love to serve your church.

What our partners are saying:

bullmore_300_300gray_s_c1“CrossWay Association of Churches has chosen to partner with Leadership Resources because of their desire to equip men to understand and communicate the Word of God around the world.  We believe that the crying need for pastors is to rely upon the Word of God and teach it accurately, passionately, personally, and applicationally.  Leadership Resources’ emphasis on teaching and training national pastors and sending them out into their local contexts to teach other faithful men is encouraging to see, not only because it is biblical (2 Timothy 2:2), but because it is far beyond where we as Christians in the United States or Leadership Resources’ staff could go ourselves.”

—Mike Bullmore, Senior Pastor of CrossWay Community Church in Bristol, WI and Council Member of The Gospel Coalition

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 4.03.34 PM“If your church is passionate about the gospel and the Word of God multiplying, then LRI is a great ministry you can partner with. Not only will LRI bear fruit in other parts of the world, but they will also produce fruit within your own congregation.”

—David Smith, Pastor of Crete Reformed Church in Crete, IL. Read more about David’s experience and time in Ethiopia with Leadership Resources.

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