How to Shape Your Ministry Around Disciple Making

We long to see the Word of God flow mightily through every church to every nation. For the Word to flow powerfully through a church, it must start with leadership and flow to members who labor toward gospel growth in their own lives and the lives of others. We want the Word of God and prayer to drive the church culture.

We’ve shared our love for Colin Marshall and Tony Payne’s book The Vine Project: Shaping Your Ministry Around Disciple-Making on the blog before. This new series of posts shares the transcript of a conversation between Sean Martin and Kevin Halloran through the five phases of The Vine Project.

How to Shape Your Ministry Around Disciple Making

  1. The Foundational Convictions of Expository Ministry (Phase One) | 0:00–07:54
  2. The Four “P”s of Disciple Making Ministry | 07:55–10:30
  3. Reforming Your Personal Culture (Phase Two) |10:31– 13:46
  4. Honestly Evaluating Your Disciple-Making Ministry (Phase Three)| 13:47–16:11
  5. Discipleship in the Church: Innovation and Implementation (Phase Four) | 16:12–19:11
  6. Maintaining Momentum in Disciple-Making Ministry (Phase Five) | 19:12–end

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