How can we equip exponentially more?

How was Leadership Resources able to increase the number of training groups from around 100 in 2013 to over 600 today?

Two words: mentor trainers.

Mentor trainers (MTs) are the key graduates who share our passion for training others and long to see God’s Word move powerfully in their country and beyond. They also continue to receive training from LRI to strengthen them for their work.

Let’s look at a recent training for mentor trainers in Ecuador to see how we invest in our MTs for their vital work. December’s training time had three main focuses: 

1. Word Work – This group studied Paul’s letter to the Philippians, not only for more practice interpreting a book with LRI’s principles of interpretation, but also to consider a major theme of Philippians and our work: gospel partnership.

Ecuadorian MTers join LRI’s Kevin Halloran (top left) and Patricio Paredes (top middle)

2. Program Work – In addition to evaluating how a recent training went, the Ecuador team conducted a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of our work in Ecuador. The exercise helped our team clarify their present reality as well as give fodder for praise and prayer. LRI staff also coached the team on raising funds to make their own training ministry self-sustaining. On LRI’s last day in the country, the Ecuadorian team even presented a funding proposal to a potential partner.

The Ecuador team working through the SWOT analysis.

3. Team Building – The Ecuadorian MTs are from two different cities with two very different cultures. To lead a movement of the Word together, it’s vital for them to trust each other and be comfortable relationally. Thankfully, activities like sharing meals, swapping stories, and playing sports help with team bonding. And of course, prayer is vital for strengthening team relationships.

By God’s grace, it’s through mentor training teams like this one that God’s Word is able to impact exponentially more pastors and leaders – all for the glory of God.

After a tiring game of 2-on-2 basketball, Moises, Patricio, and Clever watch Juan battle Oscar in tennis. (Did you know the ball flies differently in the mountains?)

LRI staff Patricio Paredes (far left) and Kevin Halloran (bottom right) enjoy delicious corbiche with mentor trainers in Portoviejo.

PS: We have the wonderful opportunity to bring together mentor trainers from all over the globe for a summit in Brazil this March. Would you pray that God would use that event to encourage and equip our MTs so they can better strengthen His church around the world?

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