The Heart of Training Expository Preachers for Gospel Ministry (David Jackman)

We recently had a conversation with David Jackman of Proclamation Trust and the Cornhill Training Course on expository preaching, gospel ministry, Scripture’s authorial intent, and preaching the genres of the Bible (watch the full interview).

The video and transcript below share a highlight from the interview about the “heart” of training pastors for expository ministry.

Todd Kelly of Leadership Resources: What is at the heart of training preachers for gospel ministry?

David Jackman: The content of the preaching must always be the Word of God. It seems that good preaching always begins with good listening. At the heart of training a preacher is the ability to listen with our eyes as we are reading with the Scriptures. We read the text with our physical eyes, but we listen with our spiritual ears. We need to be helped and trained towards how rightly to handle God’s word of truth, so that we can be workmen who don’t need to be ashamed and so that we can understand, so far as God enables us, the meaning of His Word, and then be able to pass it on to others.

I sometimes talk about getting it right and getting it across. The preacher’s task is to understand it, get right what God is saying in a particular section of Scripture, and then get it across to the contemporary congregation.

I think it’s good listening, digestion of that word into our own lives so it works in our hearts, and then preaching from the heart to the hearts of the people.

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