A Great (and Biblical!) Book on Family

qBelow is a review of Bill Mills’ (the founder of Leadership Resources) book Naked and Unashamed: Recapturing Family Intimacy from Valerie Caraotta. Here’s a brief description of the book:

Naked & Unashamed offers a spiritual blueprint for recapturing and deepening intimacy in your family. Too often sharp words and steely indifference drive wedges between us. We hunger for intimacy, yet we hide from each other. Naked & Unashamed is an encouraging study of the early chapters of the Bible’s first book of Genesis.

In this book which is part of the Connecting With One Another Series, you will learn how God has designed:
–A wife…to be a sanctuary for the heart of her husband
–A husband…to express a servant’s heart towards his wife and children
–A home…to be a refuge from the pain and hurt of the world.

Naked & Unashamed offers a spiritual blueprint for recapturing and deepening intimacy in your family.

The review:

Naked and Unashamed, by Bill Mills, is a comprehensive work that depicts the heart of God extended toward families. Using the Bible as the guide, Mills will walk you through what God desires in a marriage and in how we raise our children. Because the first environment for growth, maturity and fruitfulness is the family you will be able to adopt and/or correct areas where you may have fallen short in.

Learn how a woman can become a sanctuary for the heart of her husband and how her heart toward the Lord is reflected in her responses to her husband. Men in turn will be instructed as to how to lead through love Biblically as the head of the home. You will gain a lesson paralleling Paul’s writing between Christ’s love for the church and the love of a husband for his wife.

Just as properly building one another up is vital, the dangers of an unbridled tongue will be discussed. Discover how toxic statements that lead to others, along with bitterness and anger can be prevented or stopped. Raise and discipline children the Godly way with love as the cornerstone. Bill Mills exhorts us by sharing “Set aside ample time to get to know your children and therefore fulfill the ministry of discipleship in their lives.” The question he raises and carefully answers is “How do we open the eyes of our children to see what God sees?”

Though there are many books on Biblically healthy families, I find this resource to be of excellent quality and feel it would also be a great gift for those newly or soon to be married. Ministers of the Gospel will find this a valuable resource for small group teaching and preaching. It is leadership God’s way, which is the only way to true success with fruit-bearing results.

I rate it 5 stars and recommend it highly.

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Kevin Halloran

Servant of the Word. Husband. Father. Blogs weekly at Anchored in Christ. Content Strategist/Trainer in Latin America with Leadership Resources International.