Invest in a Movement of God’s Word in Cuba this #GivingTuesday

The goal: $9,000

Help us reach our goal of $9,000 to cover all training expenses in Cuba for one year. $50 will cover one year of training for a pastor and will have a ripple effect in his church. Any funds received in excess of goal will fund other training groups in Latin America that need funding.

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The Spiritual Need

Cuba is a country whose religious landscape is dominated by Catholicism and spiritist religion. Only 8% of the population claims to be an evangelical. Being an island nation and a closed country for so long, it is no surprise that the Cuban church has been described as wider than it is deep.

Training Cuba’s pastors in biblical exposition is a strategic way to strengthen the Cuban church for biblical ministry.

The Opportunity

The Training National Trainers program is made for deep and wide impact:

  • DEEP We go deep in pastor’s lives, equipping them in hermeneutical principles to read Scripture well. We also coach pastors to preach expository sermons, providing crucial feedback for their growth.
  • WIDE — The result of this training not just a more faithful word ministry and thus healthier church, but men equipped to train other pastors and leaders with the training they received. Our eight-session training process over four years allows us to measure growth, strengthen areas of weakness, and answer questions.

Meet the Pastors

We train pastors in two locations: Matanzas and Baracoa.

One group is trained in conjunction with brothers we have trained in Brazil who have a worldwide vision for strengthening churches with TNT.

Our other group features leaders already trained by MOCLAM (Moore College in Latin America). This group’s advantage is having already received biblical training from Moore and passing on training to others in their networks. Lord willing, this will make passing on their training with us in biblical exposition second nature and fruitful for the strengthening of pulpit ministries in Cuba.

What the Pastors are Saying

“God has been revolutionizing our personal lives and the lives of the leaders we are training.” — Pastor Armando

“The students have involved themselves in this—using the Bible, interpreting the Bible, knowing the Bible, teaching the Bible. TNT has helped us greatly.” Watch Pastor Julio Cesar share his story below.

Why support this work?

  • For true transformation. This training is not merely an info dump. TNT is practical, hands-on Bible training. Our groups are small and focused on giving students the support and feedback they need to grow as Bible expositors who trust the Word of God to accomplish the work of God.
  • To bring the Reformation to Latin America. 2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, which largely passed over Latin America. This training will forward Reformation principles by centering life and ministry on the truth of Scripture.
  • To bless the Cuban church with the Word of God. Our train-the-trainer model allows many pastors and churches to be strengthened for faithful Word ministry.
  • To leverage your dollar for maximum impact. Our training program is transferable by design, which means we can reach many more churches and communities. Multiplication is already happening (listen to Julio Cesar tell his story above). Canceling future training will hinder the expanse of the Word.

Partner with us

We’re serious about financial accountability and transparency, “we aim at what is honorable not only in the Lord’s sight but also in the sight of man” (2 Cor. 8:21).  God blesses our ministry through partners like you, and we treasure the trust you place in us. We’ve partnered with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) to provide you with the highest levels of financial accountability and transparency.