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Asking Tough Questions: What Really Happens When We Train Leaders?

Our ministry, Leadership Resources International, equips and encourages pastors around the world to teach God’s Word with God’s heart. We seek to discover what’s really happening as a result of our ministry – be it good, bad, or ugly – and have built research and evaluation into the fabric of what we do. Our commitment to self-assessment has both a personal as well as a theological grounding.

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Responses vs. Results in Poland

Dr. Mark Young asked a group of pastor-trainers the provocative question, “are we confusing responses with results?” after telling this poignant (and unfortunately, true) story.

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The Best Evaluation and Assessment Practices For Non-formal Pastor-Trainers

Leadership Resources International and MasterWorks Foundation hosted a 24-hour, invitation-only summit in November 2009 in Chicago on the subject, “Best Practices” for Non-formal Pastoral Training Agencies. The overall goal was to help practitioners, through dialogue with informed and experienced peers, identify ways (best practices) to more effectively evaluate their training ministries as they seek to equip shepherds for the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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How do They Know They Know?

Our trainers are learner-focused. We remind ourselves that “what is learned is more important than what is taught.” Getting through the material isn’t the point. But how can we evaluate the learning that has taken place through our TNT program? The book “How Do They Know They Know: Evaluating Adult Learning” [Vella, Berardinelli, Burrow; 1998] provides insight.

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