Fellowship of the Word


A Fellowship of Pastors Centered Around God’s Word

Fellowship of the Word is a ministry of Leadership Resources aimed at bringing together pastors in your area who share a vision to promote a growing partnership of gospel ministry.

Our Goal…
is to help faithful men of God grow together in confidence to proclaim the Word with transforming power, and work together to see the gospel permeate the communities where they live.

Our Approach…
is built upon 8 workshops over the course of 4 years where we work through a book of the Bible, striving to hear God’s heart expressed through the thoughts and intention of the author.

There are three types of sessions:

  • Demonstrate: Each workshop opens and closes with an exposition of the book we study. We do this to powerfully hear from God’s Word and demonstrate faithful exposition.
  • Dig & Discover: This highly practical and interactive session introduces a key hermeneutical principle and puts it into practice.
  • Do: Participants present five-minute expositions and receive feedback and encouragement from their peers.



Fellowship of The Word – FAQ Video

In the video below, Leadership Resources’ Tim Sattler answers the following frequently asked questions about our Fellowship of The Word ministry.

  • What is Fellowship of The Word?
  • What is the goal of Fellowship of The Word?
  • Why the emphasis on partnership in gospel ministry?
  • What makes Fellowship of The Word different from other pastors conferences?
  • I’ve been to other pastor’s fellowships in the past and didn’t get much out of it. What makes this different?
  • So… is this basically a Bible study for pastors?
  • Leadership Resources trains pastors overseas. Can I help train pastors overseas?
  • I’m a busy pastor. What’s my time commitment for Fellowship of The Word?
  • Fellowship of The Word sounds exciting! How can I get started?
  • I’d like my church to host a Fellowship of The Word in my area… what’s all involved?
  • What is an “expositional mindset”? How can it help me transform my church?




From Isolation to Partnership



What do you think of when you hear the word “fellowship”?

Many think primarily of the social aspects of the believing community.  Yet the Biblical writers often used the word to express the strategic partnership believers share in gospel ministry. This is what brought Paul such great joy as he thought of the church in Philippi:

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ (Phil. 1:3-6).

Do you share Paul’s heart for partnership in your ministry? Are there men with whom you share a bond in the Word and work of the gospel – studying it, preaching it and making disciples through the transforming power of it?

The sad truth is many pastors do their work in isolation.  Although surrounded by faithful believers who affirm their calling, far too many pastors sense a loneliness in their life and ministry.

And this is where Leadership Resources comes in. We are not looking to create pastoral networks or ministry associations. Instead, we are seeking to nurture the growth of Biblically grounded pastors who gather to study the Word of God together.  By doing so, we are hoping to promote a growing partnership of gospel ministry through Fellowship of the Word.



Nurturing an EXPOSITIONAL MINDSET that transforms EVERYTHING



  • Your Head – We will seek to increase your knowledge of the Scriptures as well as develop your skills in handling the text and the proclamation of it,by training you in some practical hermeneutical principles, expositional preaching,and Biblical theology.
  • Your Heart – We will seek to deepen your love for God by encouraging you to more clearly see and understand God’s own heart as revealed through the intention of His Word. The desire of God, after all, was not merely to inform us but transform us into His people, for His glory in this world.
  • Your Hands – We will seek to foster an ever-expanding view of your calling to the ministry of the Word by exposing you to the continuing work of the gospel around the world and by preparing you to pass this training on to other faithful men.
  • Your Church – We will seek to nurture an expositional mindset that will transform your vision of the church into one that embraces a Word-centered ministry at work through every member of your congregation.



Hear from FOW participants themselves in a video made by Roopville Road Church (Roopville, GA).



Learn how Fellowship of the Word helped one pastor equip leaders in his church


More praise from participants

“I attend a number of pastor’s conferences every year. Most of them are about a certain pastor’s new book or his successful way of doing ministry. But this week was different. It was simply a fellowship around the Word of God like I have never experienced. There was no competition of egos, no promotion of a personality or his views – just a conversation among pastors about the Word of God, and specifically how God’s heart is communicated to us through the [book of the Bible] that we were studying.” — Pastor Dale from Warrenville, IL

“I’m a practical, hands-on kind of guy… This is the best thing I’ve ever done.” —Chris, a Youth Pastor from Carrollton, GA

“The FoW experience in DuPage has had a significant impact on my preaching, my heart, and the equipping I’ve received in training trainers has transformed my ministry focus. Rather than simply conveying information, my preaching is now aimed at transformation. My heart is less concerned with impressing my listeners and more concerned with expressing the intended meaning and response of God’s Word to my listeners. The intentional goal to train up trainers in the Word using the Dig and Discover Hermeneutical Principles has permeated the content of our weekly Gospel Community Bible Studies and has become my primary platform for our men’s ministry and training for teaching elders. The impact this has had on our people is that there has been a notable increase in “appetite” for God’s Word among them and a greater confidence in their ability to understand God’s Word for themselves.” —Jonathan Swift, Christ Community Church, Dearborn, MI

“My time with FoW in Glen Carbon was a great reminder of the need to be Word-centered and of the key skills of exposition that have to be a part of every sermon. The time with the brothers there was always humbling and encouraging. It also made me want to pass that on to the men of our church and provide a great tool for training up leaders and teachers. We have had 4 FoW gatherings with our men, which are always encouraging. Nearly all of the participants in those have had a chance to be in the pulpit on a Sunday morning. One of the men will be joining me in the Philippines as we together lead a FoW on Jonah with a group of 20+ pastors there, as well as a Taste and See in Titus with another group in the Philippines. This is a follow-up trip to one we took last year to explore the possibility of training others, and we hope to be there every six months to continue the training. We also led our first FoW for the women of our church two weeks ago with the hopes that they can be more effective disciplers, Sunday School teachers, moms, trainers, etc. We’d love to have them come to the Philippines with us too and help train up the women of the churches there.” —Andy Sabaka, Grace Fellowship Church, Louisville, KY


Find a Fellowship of the Word near you…


  • Sanibel, FL
  • Carrollton, GA
  • DuPage, IL
  • Joliet, IL
  • Lansing, MI
  • New Philadelphia, OH
  • Madison, WI

Use the contact form below for more information or questions about these groups.


fow-cover250Join the Fellowship!

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Download and share the brochure – Download our Fellowship of The Word PDF brochure for PRINT or EMAIL and share with your area pastors.
  • Taste and See… – Get to know Leadership Resources by hosting a one-time ‘Taste and See’ event in your area.  Together with area pastors, you will experience Fellowship of the Word as we work through a book of the Bible.
  • Host a Fellowship at your church – Forming a Fellowship of the Word begins with an invitation from you.  We work with you and your church to bring together area pastors who share a vision to promote a growing partnership of gospel ministry.
  • Train with Leadership Resources overseas – Partner with us in our ongoing ministry to pastors in the ‘two-thirds’ world.  Through Fellowship of the Word, you can explore opportunities to share your training and experience with pastors who are part of a growing global movement.  Their ministries will never be the same… and neither will yours.


Contact our Fellowship of The Word Coordinator, Joe Paglia for more details:

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  • Email: Click here to email Joe
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