Free eBook: Finishing Well in Life and Ministry: God’s Protection from Burnout

Free Ebook Finishing Well in Life and Ministry Battling Burnout

Burnout is inevitable.

Apart from the sustaining presence of God, the pressures of the ministry are more than any man or woman can bear. We, as church leaders, battle against a host of enemies: unrealistic expectations, unrelenting schedules, resistant people, a morally bankrupt culture, and spiritual forces of darkness. How are we to survive this onslaught, let alone flourish in the ministry? Finishing Well in Life and Ministry will give you hope as you discover that you are not alone.

For a limited time, Leadership Resources is offering the eBook version (Kindle, ePub, and PDF) of Finishing Well in Life and Ministry: God’s Protection from Burnout free of charge to subscribers to our blog.** This book co-written by our Founder Bill Mills and President Craig Parro will lift your soul by unpacking God’s sustaining provision for us in Christ.

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A sneak peak from the book’s introduction:

“The key to life and ministry is found in our view of God, our view of ourselves and in our view of ministry…As our vision of God becomes greater, our hearts will become freer and our ministries will grow fuller. We will be continually coming back to God, seeking Him for His eternal resources, which alone can sustain us from day to day.”

What Amazon readers are saying:

“This book is full of Scripture. Though it is written for pastors, I found it very encouraging as it points you to the Lord in every trial explored! Highly recommended for anyone in any area of serving!”

“As a pastor who is nearing the close of pastoral ministry before retirement, I found this book quite helpful as I reflect on how to finish well and not coast.”

“Such a powerful word to encourage His servants, to keep their eyes on Jesus. Great book to use in a pastor’s small group.”

The book is available in paperback in our web store and on Amazon.

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