‘Every Member’ Conference with Tony Payne | Video from Nexus18

Making disciples is for every believer, not just pastors and leaders. This is a truth that Tony Payne and the Matthias Media team get, and that’s one reason we love them.

We’ve shared before about books Tony has written (The Trellis and the Vine, The Vine Project, How to Walk into Church) and now share videos from the recent Nexus 18 ‘Every Member’ Conference:

Watch Video Sessions

Nexus 2018 Booklet (for notetaking)


1. ‘Every member theology’ Tony Payne (with Marty Sweeney)
2. ‘Every member missionaries’ David Williams
3. ‘Every member speech’ Tony Payne + Question time
4. ‘Sending every member’ Carl Matthei (UNSW Chaplain)

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Kevin Halloran

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