Enjoying Rest and Refreshment from the Word in Honduras

Honduras Retreat Report

Thank you!

DSC_0623In January, Leadership Resources hosted a pastors-and-wives retreat at Lake Yojoa in Honduras – and we have Sanibel Community Church to thank for being a significant part of that.

The retreat was an extra special event that we wanted to do once in our four years of training with these faithful pastor-trainers, and it meant so much to them – and their wives, especially.

What We Did

We met at the modestly beautiful Hotel Finca Las Glorias on Lake Yojoa, the largest lake in Honduras. With mountains visible to the north, the spring-like weather and flowers made for a pleasant place for refreshment.


The mornings were dedicated to training. The pastors continued TNT training – this time studying through the books of 1 & 2 Samuel. The pastors’ wives also had their own workshop – being introduced to the Bible-study principles of TNT through their own study of the book of Ruth.

The afternoons and evenings were blocked off for time together as a group doing fun things, like a boat ride on the lake, a trip to nearby waterfalls, and an evening bonfire with a time of reflection and singing.

Why We Did It

ASC_0500To give rest and refreshment. Behind the scenes, the wives of pastors carry a heavy load – not only caring for their families and being involved in ministry to the church, but helping to bear the load of husbands who labor faithfully but are often discouraged and weary. We wanted to give the wives and their husbands a time of rest and refreshment together.

To say thank you. For the last four years, Leadership Resources has had the privilege of working with pastors in Honduras who are diligently serving their own churches and serving other pastors throughout the country. Their wives have given up time with their husbands as the husbands come twice a year for four days to receive the TNT training. We wanted to take one meeting in this four-year program to include the wives of these pastors – to encourage them, strengthen them, and say thank you.

ASC_0628To help them see what it’s worth. As many of these pastors increase their efforts in the next few years to train other pastors throughout Honduras (and even beyond, in Nicaragua and Guatemala), we wanted the wives to better understand what their husbands will be giving their time to. By experiencing the training themselves, the wives were able to see the worth of the training, and we trust that will help them, along with their husbands, to make the sacrifices that are necessary to equip other pastors in Honduras to teach God’s Word with God’s heart.

In Their Own Words*

Omar and Rosita 2Sister Rosita – I praise the Lord for the opportunity that He has given us to be with our husbands. Because, I’ve never been out of the house that much. I’ve only been away for two days – and never like this! And I wanted to thank God, because He has sent you. As another sister said, we didn’t realize how much we had to learn! We had studied the book of Ruth before, but not as profoundly as this. We now realize that we need to dedicate some time to the Bible and dig into it just like we have here. I praise the Lord because God has sent you here to Honduras to teach us.

Melquis and wifeOne of the wives – We’re so thankful to our brothers at Leadership Resources for taking us into consideration. Generally, it’s only the pastors, only the men, that are given a study. They are the ones that are working. But we are also supporting them… We’re so joyful for the teaching, the communion that we have had with one another. Sandra Paredes has the gift of being a teacher. We have learned a lot. We’re so thankful for all this.

Melquis’ wife – I have taken this to be a dream, and tomorrow I have to open my eyes. It’s been a blessing to get to know the sisters, and hopefully we will see each other again! Please thank everybody that has supported this so this could come true. Please thank them.

Pastor Aquiles – I want to thank God for this TNT training. In every occasion that we are together, God brings new things into our lives. It’s almost 30 years since I’ve been serving in ministry, but I feel like I’m just starting to know things.

In this study of Samuel, I had not seen it this way before – seeing Jesus Christ and the big picture. In all the Bible, we always should be talking about Jesus Christ, especially in the New Testament, as we see God’s plan. But through this study, we see that God’s plan is in the whole Bible. That impacted me this week. Knowing more about God in every chapter. God used our brothers – Brother Paul and Brother Patricio – to see beyond what we were seeing.

I think we’re here because God has allowed us to be here. Some pastors don’t want to be involved in TNT because they don’t think that this training has the same capacity as training from a seminary. I have received from many seminaries, but none of them have changed the lives of students like this.

So that’s why I thank God for this ministry. It’s been a question: Why do you think we’re here? Why is TNT here in Honduras? I say that God is merciful, and He sees servants for Him with many difficulties. But now He’s using other servants that come from another country. They come to teach us better and let us be better children of God. Thank you for this. I will praise the Lord for this.

ASC_0512Pastor Wilver – I thank the brothers that have helped us in the training, in the ministry, to preach the Word of God in a better way. Thank you, brothers. Sometimes I think I’m not supposed to be here, but then I realize that God has me here. God wanted me to change my preaching – to preach the Word in an even better way.

Noelia Guillen – I don’t know what words to say to describe the blessing that it is to be here. Thank you to all the ones in charge from Leadership Resources – for coming to Honduras, and especially this time including the wives. Because, as someone said, you always think about the pastors, but not all their wives. Whenever I heard about this – that the wives  were being included– I thought, “Wow.” And I would like to thank Sandra for showing me that I know nothing. [Laughter.] I had read the book of Ruth, more like a novel, that Ruth needed to get married to Boaz. And to see that there’s a plan there from God . . . I’m surprised that I have read this book before, but never in the way that we have learned it – and I don’t want to leave! I want to keep studying. I want to thank you, and may the Lord continue to use you. I hope that we can have you again sometime. Thank you, and may the Lord bless you all. And to all the people that made this possible, please thank them.

Again, we sincerely thank you all at Sanibel Community Church for partnering with Leadership Resources to make this special pastors and wives retreat a reality.

Submitted with much gratitude in Christ,

DSC_0475Patricio Paredes
Regional Director, Latin America

Paul Adams
Program Director, Honduras

*(edited for readability)

Curriculum Coordinator at Leadership Resources