Endorsements for Leadership Resources

David Jackman Proclamation Trust“As I travel around in my own country and elsewhere, I meet lots of Christians who are very hungry to know God’s Word, but are not always being well-fed. Sometimes there’s a real famine of the Word of God. A lot of pastors want to be better teachers and feeders of the Word, but sometimes they just don’t have the resources or someone to come alongside and help them. That’s what LRI has a heart to do, and my heart is with LRI.”

—David Jackman, Former President of The Proclamation Trust and Founder of the Cornhill Training Course1

Pastor Colin S Smith“Leadership Resources is filling a crucial need in the global church by training pastors in Christ-centered biblical exposition. They raise up expositors whose preaching brings light and warmth to their hearers in public because their own minds and hearts have been shaped by submission to the Word in private. That is the kind of preaching that we need across the world today.”

—Colin Smith, Senior Pastor of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church and Council Member of The Gospel Coalition

Darren Carlson TLI“When I think of international theological education ministries, my first thought is always Leadership Resources International. They have been effectively training pastors in expository preaching for years and have locations around the world bearing fruit. I have personally visited with pastors they are training and have seen first hand the impact. Their model of training pastors to train pastors creates exponential impact around the globe. Other theological education ministries look to LRI as a model of faithful international ministry. I recommend them to everyone I meet.”

—Darren Carlson, Founder of Training Leaders International

Colin Marshall of Vinegrowers Ministries“Under God, Leadership Resources is inspiring a movement of the Word of God in many countries around the world. Whenever I meet with their staff I am challenged and encouraged by their absolute confidence in the Word of God to do the work. I love their commitment to equip Pastors everywhere with the heart and skills to preach the Word clearly and courageously. They have a special heart for the multitude of “unreached Pastors” who have little training for the work. Their strategy of equipping national leaders to grow the movement is a model for missions everywhere. The tools they provide are proving to be effective in growing the movement of the Word from one group of Pastors to the next. For over 40 years God has been raising up Leadership Resources to make disciples who make disciples of all nations. It is a joy to partner with this ministry.”

—Colin Marshall, CEO, Vinegrowers and co-author of The Trellis and the Vine

Learn more about our relationship with Colin Marshall: Leadership Resources and Vinegrowers: Partners in a Worldwide Movement of the Word

Ramesh Richard DTS“The primary felt-fear of untrained pastors worldwide arises from having to preach next Sunday. However, the ultimate need of all pastors everywhere is godly character that will support their preaching ministry. Leadership Resources, served by experienced leadership, focuses on training pastors who preach biblically and live Christianly. The dire need for the twin emphases on the public and personal sides of pastoral ministry cannot be exaggerated. LRI, with its track record in training pastors and in training trainers of pastors, especially where Christ’s Church is growing, stands among the most effective organizations in pastoral training today.”

—Ramesh Richard PhD, ThD
President, Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health [RREACH]
Professor, Global Theological Engagement and Pastoral Ministries
Dallas Theological Seminary
Founder, TOPIC [Trainers of Pastors International Coalition]

bullmore_300_300gray_s_c1“CrossWay Association of Churches has chosen to partner with Leadership Resources because of their desire to equip men to understand and communicate the Word of God around the world.  We believe that the crying need for pastors is to rely upon the Word of God and teach it accurately, passionately, personally, and applicationally.  Leadership Resources’ emphasis on teaching and training national pastors and sending them out into their local contexts to teach other faithful men is encouraging to see, not only because it is biblical (2 Timothy 2:2), but because it is far beyond where we as Christians in the United States or Leadership Resources’ staff could go ourselves.”

—Mike Bullmore, Senior Pastor of CrossWay Community Church in Bristol, WI and Council Member of The Gospel Coalition

Hutz Hertzberg“Since 1980 I have been significantly impacted and shaped through the Godly leaders and Biblical core commitments of Leadership Resources International. With great joy I have witnessed how LRI has been divinely transformed from a one-on-one regional discipleship ministry to a global organization directly and indirectly training thousands of pastors who have no access to formal theological education. LRI is helping to meet one of the greatest needs of the worldwide church…….training pastors to preach God’s Word with God’s heart! And by God’s grace, the most impactful days of this ministry are still ahead.”

—Hutz H. Hertzberg, DMin, PhD, President of Christian Heritage Academy

“I was introduced to the ministry of LRI many years ago. I am happy to share my enthusiasm for their work around the world training pastors and church leaders. I travelled with them to Asia and saw first hand the hunger for teaching in the eyes of these wonderful and sincere pastors. Their resources and training is limited but their desire to learn was humbling and infectious. LRI provides strategic equipping in Word-based pastoral ministry whose effect is truth and training multiplication. The world needs more of what LRI is providing that the world may know God’s Son as revealed in God’s Word.”

—Steve DeWitt, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church, NW Indiana and author of Eyes Wide Open: Enjoying God in Everything

Media Mentions

Video Endorsement from SEND International

—Rob Magwood, Canadian Director of SEND International

1 (Quote paraphrased from interview “David Jackman on Expository Preaching and Gospel Ministry“)