Global Sunday – What God is doing around the world

Within the framework of your regular Sunday services, Craig will bring a report to your church of what God is doing around the world today, and how you and your people can play a greater role in His glorious work. Presented by Craig Parro.

The King’s Banquet – Learning to feast form God’s Word

Many Christians fear that Bible study is too difficult or too confusing. Others just don’t know how to get started. This workshop will be a “hands on” experience, focusing on developing Bible study skills in your people, and building their desire to become faithful students of God’s Word. Presented by Craig Parro.

Sharpening Your Sword – A time of encouragement for area pastors

The focus will be on 2 Timothy where Paul gives pastoral advice to his spiritual son, Timothy. Three hermeneutical principles will be considered, which are part of the training Leadership Resources provides to pastors around the world. Presented by Craig Parro.

Proclaiming Christ in Our Post-Christian Culture – Lessons from Jacob

What is the mindset of America at the beginning of the 21st century? How can we communicate the gospel in a relevant way? A study of Acts 17 and Genesis 25-33.Presented by Craig Parro.

When God Disappoints Us – Lessons from Habakkuk

Habakkuk experienced profound disappointment with God. The Lord tenderly brought him to a deeper understanding of His eternal purposes, enabling him to declare “the sovereign Lord is my strength!” Presented by Craig Parro.

A Godly Man in a Secular Culture – How God builds spiritual men

A study of the book of Nehemiah–as the brothers of Judah were rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, God was rebuilding their lives, and then He rebuilt His people.Presented by Bill Mills.

Deepening Relationships with One Another – Pursuing God’s glory in our life together

Here we contrast the growing individualism of our culture with the “one another” mindset of the Church. The major theme is our relationships and the glory of the Church, how God is revealing Himself to the world and the angels through our love and unity. Presented by Bill Mills.

Transformational Leadership – How Christ makes us adequate for His work

In this study of the prophets and 2 Corinthians, we look at the process in which God “makes us adequate as His servants in the New Covenant.” Presented by Bill Mills.

Flourish Now and Finish Well – God’s protection from burnout

This is a look at ten men in the Scriptures who battled with “Burnout” and what we learn from them about God’s keeping grace in our lives-how God’s presence with us in the ministry enables us to “finish well.” Presented by Bill Mills.

The Language of the Heart – Knowing joy and communion in prayer

In this study of the “Lord’s Prayer,” we focus on intimacy and communion with the Lord, and the power of spiritual warfare and intercession that our Father uses to bring an environment for revival among His people. Presented by Bill Mills.

Preparing to Meet the Bridegroom – How you and your church can be ready

This study of the third chapter of 2 Peter focuses on the central issues of our hearts and our churches being prepared for our Lord’s soon return: holiness, missions, evangelism, endurance in suffering and how to “encourage one another all the more as the day draws near.” Presented by Bill Mills.

Delighting in Each Other: The Power of Joy and Satisfaction in Marriage – Bringing the heart of God to each other

God raised up our marriages and families as vessels for His life in order to fill the earth with His glory. How have the relentless attacks of our enemy and the effects of the fall affected our most intimate relationships? How does God bring His redemption to us, which enables us to respond to one another with His heart and experience intimacy and joy once again? Presented by Bill Mills.

Experiencing God’s Transforming Power – Living as a disciple of Jesus

In this study of the Beatitudes, we look at the way of life that Jesus gave His disciples and the process in which God develops in us the character qualities of His Son. This is the heart of discipleship and the foundational teaching for Kingdom living. Presented by Bill Mills.

Stirring our Passion for God – Finding our fullness in Christ

The development of a passion filled relationship with our Lord is the focus of this study of 1 Timothy 6. How do we leave behind the things that have chained us to our past and pursue God with all that is within us? Presented by Bill Mills.

The Blessing of Benjamin – Living in the power of your Father’s approval

This teaching helps us to see ourselves through the eyes of God and seals into our hearts our identity in Christ. We have seen God’s people healed from the pressure to “perform spiritually” in order to gain His approval and live in the power of His accepting grace. Presented by Bill Mills.

The Wonder, the Glory and the Power – Experiencing the joy of worship in your church

This conference is made up of three strong messages on worship, but is complemented by times of worship led by your worship teams and closes with a “spontaneous” time of worship led by your people in response to the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts. Presented by Bill Mills.

Ministry Out of the Overflow: Shepherding Your Heart…Shepherding Your People

This is a morning of encouragement for pastors, leaders, missionaries and spouses.  Looking at the model of Jesus, Paul and David we will focus on this question: How can the passions of my own soul be so ignited for God that, in overflow, the affections of my people will be inflamed for Christ and His Kingdom? Presented by Bill Mills.

The Path of Joy – Experiencing true joy in the midst of your circumstances – (A Women’s Conference)

Each of us longs to experience joy, but we often depend on our changing circumstances to fulfill us. The path of true joy is found in the Lord Jesus who never changes. He said, “That My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full” (John 15:11). Discover how to depend more fully on Jesus and know the reality of His joy. Presented by Marnie Carlson.

From Fear to Faith – Finding Freedom in Christ – (A Women’s Conference)

Many women are held captive in the prison of fear. Yet Jesus came “to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners” (Isaiah 61:1). Be refreshed and encouraged as you discover how to practically experience true freedom in Christ that empowers you to move from fear to become the women of faith you long to be.Presented by Marnie Carlson.

Single Session Talks

In addition to teaching conferences, Marnie is also available to teach single sessions for brunches or dinners. Presented by Marnie Carlson.

**Note: The arrangements for Marnie’s conference are different than for our other conferences. Contact us for a packet of detailed information.

Speaking By Listening

This is a course designed to build skill and confidence in the teacher of God’s Word. In order to be better proclaimers of the Bible, we must first become better listeners. This conference will help you train your Sunday school teachers, small group and cell church leaders, as well as your youth workers, in their various ministries of teaching the Scriptures. Presented by Todd Kelly.

Seeing God’s Sovereign Hand in Life’s Journey – A unique look at the life of Job

Our lives, like Job’s, are often overrun with problems, frustrations, hurts, and fears. People today are asking the same questions Job must have asked: “Is there any meaning to life? Where is God? Does He even know or care that I’m around?” The book of Job answers these questions!

This conference is for older adults, but it’s appropriate for all ages. It has been used for seniors’ groups, but also for church-wide events. Also, retreat-type venues work well for this seminar. Presented by Don Couwenhoven.

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