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Local Church Conferences

Our great joy is providing Bible conferences for local churches, pastors and mission organizations. We love to bring the encouragement of the Scriptures to God’s people and have been privileged to do this for more than 25 years. If your desire is to bring the highest quality ministry available to your church and teaching that will expand your people’s view of God, enable them to see themselves through His eyes and transform their attitudes toward one another, it will be our honor to partner with you and your church.

Possible Schedule Format

We adjust our ministry to the format that is most effective for your church. We generally need three teaching sessions about an hour each, along with time for breaks and announcements. Our conferences can be taught on a Friday evening and Saturday morning or just on Saturday. The most popular schedule is to begin the conference during the Sunday sermon and then continuing with the remaining sessions in the afternoon and evening.

A note worth considering: when you schedule one of Bill Mills’ or Craig Parro’s conferences on a Sunday, they would be available to have a time of ministry for area pastors on that following Monday. Bill would teach Ministry Out of the Overflow and Craig would teach Sharpening Your Sword. You can find out more about these pastors’ conferences under Craig’s and Bill’s sections.

Conference Finances

We ask that your church cover all or part of the travel expenses; we generally schedule two conferences on a given weekend. The cost to cover a motel for the teacher may also be needed. For a Sunday conference there is no registration fee, but we do ask for an offering plate to be made available for our international pastor training ministry. For a Friday/Saturday or Saturday conference there is a $15 per person/$25 per couple registration fee and we do ask for an offering plate to be made available for our international pastor training ministry.


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