Dick Lucas’s 4 Charges for Today’s Preachers

One of Leadership Resources’ preaching heroes and main influences is the Rev. Dick Lucas, former minister of St. Helens of Bishopsgate and founder of The Proclamation Trust.

At 90, Dick has recently stepped down from his work as a Proclamation Trust trustee (amazingly, he still continues to preach!).

Here are four charges for today’s preachers Lucas shared (as summarized by Adrian Reynolds):

A – Authority. The Word of God is the power of God to create life and if we allow any kind of tradition (and there are many) to take over, then the Word of God is soon robbed of its power.

B – Boldness. Satan hates free speech and the bold proclamation of the gospel of Christ. Anything which hinders this – inside and outside the church – comes from the pit.

C – Conviction. Pastors and preachers need to tremble at the Word of God which comes from the mouth of God. Our conviction needs to extend to all the Scriptures – look how our singing is one dimensional for example, compared to the psalter.

D – Delight. Dick quoted Lloyd-Jones who, when travelling around, noted that many churches are so depressing! We need to be preachers who delight in Christ Himself and in His Word. That must be evident in our preaching.

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