Training Colombian Pastors in Expository Preaching

Training Expositors in Colombia

Quick Stats1,2
• Population: 49 million
• Official Language: Spanish
• Evangelical population: 7.5%


Country Overview
Colombian geography features several regions: the Andes Mountains, the Amazon rainforest, the Pacific coast, and the Caribbean coast. Like many Latin American countries, Catholicism is the predominant religion in Colombia. Charismatic Christianity has great influence among the fast growing evangelical population in Colombia.

Colombian church leaders need training in the Scriptures to ward off false teaching and to better conform their lives and ministries to the Scriptures.

Training Opportunity

Our Colombia training group gathers pastors from different parts of the country from several denominations. This group started in 2014 and should finish the training cycle in 2017. Four pastors from this group have started training twenty other pastors in another city, while several of them have began training leaders in their own churches. Two special features set this group apart from most others in the Training National Trainers program: this group several pastor’s wives have joined their husbands in the training, and also LRI trainer Juan Torres is a native Colombian!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the training to create real and transferrable transformation in the content of teaching/preaching among pastors.
  • Pray for the encouragement and blessing of pastors training others in second generation groups. Pray for them to see the importance of passing on their training and desire to impact many more through it.
  • Pray for those who haven’t began training others to take a step of faith and begin to.
  • Pray for pastors to have the wisdom and resources necessary to travel to a jungle town on the Colombian/Brazilian border to train pastors there. (And pray for the health of the pastors making that trip with known health risks of the jungle.)

“I have encounter in my church various people that have said to me that the way I teach the Bible is much different, clearer, more meaningful. This is because this training is helping me to see the correct way to study and teach the Word. Now I feel more confident in my approach to the Bible and I can see how God is using me to teach.”

—Colombian Pastor

Choose from Three Levels of Involvement

Entry Point
For an initial investment, you, your Bible study group, or church can help sponsor a training cohort.

Anchor Partner
Partner with us over two years to equip the same group of national pastor-trainers—a chance to influence the pastors and churches of an entire nation.

Strategic Partner
Fully fund training in Colombia and send leaders from your church to participate in the training team. A chance to both launch a pastoral training movement and disciple your church leaders in missions.

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For more information on this opportunity, please contact Melanie Lachick. Email Melanie or call 800-980-2226. Melanie can also tell you about the ways that we’d love to serve your church.

1, 2 Facts and figures accessed online from Operation World and the CIA World Factbook.

Photo of Bogota by Peter Angritt – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,