Does it make sense to equip pastors in the U.S.?

“Let’s start training pastors here in the U.S.” 

When I first heard this idea, I thought to myself: Why would we do that? Don’t pastors here have plenty of resources and training opportunities? That would never work.

Well, I was wrong . . . dead wrong. For the past 12 years, we’ve been equipping pastors in the U.S. and it has proven both invaluable and strategic. Even though many pastors here have been to Bible school or seminary, they find our training to be “simple yet profound.” 

Many have expressed how their preaching has been elevated and sharpened because of what they have learned. And many have used the same training process to equip emerging leaders within their own churches.

But there’s even more. Some, like Pastor Justin, take our training overseas . . . on their own. Justin attends one of our training groups in Ft. Myers, Florida. He was heading to India and Sri Lanka to work with pastors and asked if it would be okay for him to use our training materials and methods. Our answer was, “Of course!”

                                                        Pastor Justin with an excited trainee

So, this past January, Justin worked with six different groups of pastors, leading them through the book of Titus. Pastors there enjoyed a rich feast on God’s Word. The response was overwhelming. Here’s what one pastor said:

While traveling to this training, my brother and I were discussing how so many preachers only share their opinion and stories . . . they don’t preach the Word. We [get to the] training and it’s all about the same subject we were discussing. Only the Holy Spirit can do that!

The results: 158 South Asian pastors equipped to more faithfully study, teach, and preach God’s Word in 128 different churches. At the end, they were eager for Justin to come back. They want more! 

So, does it make sense to equip pastors in the U.S.? Absolutely!

Here are some photos of groups Justin and his team trained:

Will “Christian” = “African” someday?

In the future, if you’re a Christian, you most likely will be an African!

By 2060, 40% of all Christians will live in Africa, according to a recent Pew Research study.[1] Currently, about 26% of Christians live there. Why the change?

Several factors are at play: Africa has higher birth rates than the West, the West is quickly secularizing, and – let’s not forget – Christ is building His church in Africa!

This presents us with an amazing opportunity to impact the future of the global church. It also begs the question of how healthy the African church will be if the prosperity gospel and other unbiblical doctrines drive much of this growth.

That’s why LRI focuses on empowering African leaders to lead movements of God’s Word in their countries. 

Consider these testimonies from three African brothers who have gone through our training:

Francis, a church planter in Togo:

“The training helps to avoid heresies and to help them focus on the Word, and to avoid this framework . . . Most of the time in Africa, because of the background we have in animism, we try to enforce our points of view on the text. We, instead of letting the text speak to us, we want to speak on behalf of the text. . . . We need to work on that and avoid that.”

Bonigava Johnson from Uganda:

“I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my preparation of the sermons and also in the trainings I do with the youth and the students in [the] Kisoro Baptist Association. . . . [LRI’s] tools . . . equip and empower the head and also go deep into your heart so that you do not [just] have the knowledge about God, but you experience Him in your day-to-day life, so that by the time you finish preparing the sermon, you are already a transformed being. Bringing the training deep into the countryside of Uganda. . . . opened the opportunity for those who are not able to find these trainings in other places that Leadership Resources trained. . . . I want to pray that this training will continue to go far and wide so that the church is equipped.”

Peter Motunga from Kenya:

“What I was preaching, I could not understand very clearly. In fact, I was just babbling, babbling in the ministry. And when I entered the TNT, I started knowing who God is. I started knowing the mind of God. I started knowing on how to preach this gospel. That’s why I said that I was blind but now I can see. . . . I can say that now I am pregnant, and I am about to deliver. And what I’m going to deliver, it is only what I have learned from the TNT.”

Join us in prayer that God would continue to raise up more passionate and gifted men to lead movements of His Word in Africa!

In His service,

Craig Parro

PS: We want the future of African Christianity to be rooted in God’s Word, but we can’t do our work without the support of faithful partners like you. Consider a gift today to help strengthen the African church.

[1] See “Sub-Saharan Africa will be home to growing shares of the world’s Christians and Muslims” on

How One Megachurch in Ecuador is Strengthening Their Leadership in God’s Word

What happens when almost 100 people show up for our training?

Our ideal group is limited to 15 or 20. That way, lots of personal attention can be given and each one can fully participate in the discussions. Learning happens best with smaller numbers. So what to do when 100 show up???

Back in 2013 we had a modest beginning in Quito, Ecuador. A group of 23 (too many!) pastors, small group leaders, and members of the preaching team gathered from Iglesia Santísima Trinidad (Church of the Holiest Trinity) for our training. Four years later they graduated. Three key graduates excelled – they loved the training and had a profound burden to see a movement of the Word spread throughout their megachurch’s various sites and their entire country. We call them mentor trainers. 

Even though training had ended, our mentor trainers wanted more leaders in their church to experience the equipping and transformation of the training. So they began organizing another generation of training for other leaders at La Santísima.

The only problem? The number: they had almost 100 sign up. Yikes! That’s way too many . . . but our team didn’t want to say “no.” What was to be done???

Ah-ha! . . . Let’s break the large group into smaller ones and co-lead them with graduates from that very first group. This enabled our LRI team to coach the graduates moving them one step closer to an Ecuadorian-led movement of God’s Word.

One of our MTers, Clever, leads a session


Another MT, Oscar Paul, leads another group


Olmedo teaches the Traveling Instructions principle.

The response to the training couldn’t have been better. Here’s a sample of what participants shared:

“Other trainings are a monologue. This was asking us to discover the Word ourselves — it was great!”

“I believe that God has had more mercy on me than Jonah.”

“We’ve grown in our understanding [since studying Ruth]. The next training we’ll grow even more.”

The Group of Leaders in Quito

God is at work in Ecuador! He’s also at work in a similar way in the 50+ countries where we work, transforming one heart at a time as His Word is clearly unfolded and understood.

Thank you for helping make this possible as one of our partners!

Enjoy a tour of our training in Quito led by LRI’s Kevin Halloran:

A Movement of the Word into the Venezuelan Crisis

Dear friends and partners,

Venezuela is in crisis. A civil war might be just around the corner. The weight of each Venezuelan plummeted an estimated 24 pounds, on average, due to food shortages in 2017. Hyperinflation makes everyday items like soap, toilet paper, automobile tires, and chocolate either a distant memory or a luxury.

There is also a spiritual crisis. A lack of material resources leaves many desperate for truth and hope. The mass exodus of Venezuelans has left many churches without a pastor. Who will fill the void? Often untrained and inexperienced leaders.

Enter Enrique, Jorge, and Meri (Jorge’s wife). The three are recent graduates from LRI’s training in Colombia. Through a relationship with Pastor Mateus, the leader of a network of Venezuelan churches, a door was opened to cross the border into Venezuela (along with LRI’s Juan Torres) to equip and encourage Venezuelan pastors in the book of Ruth.

Ruth is the perfect book for the situation in Venezuela. It begins in famine, death, sorrow, and hopelessness. In the midst of it all, Naomi wonders if God had abandoned her. And yet it ends with great rejoicing, because through it all, God is working out His redemptive purposes through faithful believers, even in the midst of unspeakable tragedy.

While a lack of viable transportation options made traveling to the training complicated, 29 pastors attended. Some even had to stand shoulder to shoulder in the bed of a commercial cargo truck for a ride to the training! But it was worth it.

“We thank God because we were like the Macedonian man in Paul’s vision [in Acts 16] who said, ‘Come to Macedonia and help us!,’” said Venezuelan Pastor Mateus.

“It was a HUGE blessing for you to come during such a difficult time for us. . . . At the end of the training, many were crying and broken. They realize LRI’s training is an instrument of God to exposit the Word of God in a simple and practical way.”

LRI’s Juan Torres with Pastor Mateus

While our work in Venezuela has just begun, six pastors have already passed the Ruth training on to others. We’ve also received interest from several other places in the country. We’d love nothing more than for the Word of God to spread like wildfire among the suffering people of Venezuela.

Please join us in prayer for this dear country. Like in the book of Ruth, the darkest times are often the perfect backdrop for the gospel’s light to shine most brightly.

Grateful for your partnership,

Craig Parro

PS: Without your dedicated prayers and support for our work in Colombia, Enrique, Jorge, and Meri would not have initiated this ministry to Venezuela! Would you consider a gift to advance our work here and in other needy places of Latin America?

Update: Watch LRI’s Juan Torres interview Pastor Mateus on his experience

“Where did you learn to unpack the Bible like that?” | Transformation in India

Dear Friends and Partners,

I love telling you about pastors around the world who have a deep hunger for God’s Word. But, it’s not always so. Some pastors, frankly, couldn’t care less – they think they already know everything!

Pastor Gupta*, a key leader in India, is one who has learned to faithfully teach and preach God’s Word. But he has certainly met one or two of these guys along the way. . . .

Gupta began his story by describing what happened as he finished preaching at a local church:

“The pastor came rushing up to me afterwards and said, ‘Where did you learn to unpack the Bible like that? You brought up so much depth from the Word that I have never seen or heard.’”

Pastor Gupta told him about his rich experience with Leadership Resources’ training. The pastor immediately asked Gupta to start a new pastor training group at his church, which Gupta was delighted to do. Gupta continued his story. . . .

“One of the pastors came with folded arms, seeming to communicate, ‘I know everything; I don’t need this training’!” However, as they studied the book of Jonah together, this pastor – the one loaded with attitude – realized he was Jonah, knowing God in his head but not in his heart. By week’s end, he asked for forgiveness.

Wow! That’s the transforming power of God’s Word. Please pray for Pastor Gupta as he seeks to lead a movement of God’s Word in India. Pray for this group’s training next month, and for that one pastor, in particular, who is now hungering to learn more of God’s Word.

Rejoicing in Christ,

Craig Parro


PS: Pastor Gupta is a remarkable leader. He told us, “I have a calling from God to bring a movement of His Word into northwest India. People are perishing because of the lack of Biblical teaching and preaching. India has had Christianity and missionaries come for many years, but sadly, the Church remains weak in the Word. They are caught up into signs, wonders, and healing, but not the Word of God. I believe I have found my purpose as a pastor and equipper of pastors.”

Would you please consider a gift this month so that we can help Gupta and others like him fulfill their calling to equip other pastors to faithfully study, teach, and preach God’s Word?

* Name changed for security reasons.

Rebuilding After a Deadly Earthquake: Ecuador Relief Update


Leadership Resources and our partners in Ecuador have been encouraged by the response to our Ecuador relief appeal and how God has used the funds to minister in Portoviejo, Ecuador.

Rebuilding after an earthquake is never easy, and it takes wisdom to know where to start. The most obvious place to start is with food and shelter for our affected brothers and sisters.

13002334_10207859540359396_4187493265238930468_oCongregants in churches in areas affected by the earthquake suffer the loss of homes, property, and sometimes their livelihood. When you rely on your car or bike for work, losing either one of those things becomes very costly.

This loss suffered by many church members has directly impacted pastors and their families as well, not only in terms of increased hours caring for hurting people, but also economically, since pastoral salaries largely come from tithing, which has been impacted by the earthquake.

Because of this, relief funds sought to provide funds for tuna, grains, and pasta for pastors and their families. Instead of the funds going directly to the pastors, our partners had a smarter idea: they gave it directly to the pastors’ wives.

According to the “experts”, wives/mothers are the best household administrators. (But we don’t need experts to tell us that!!! :))

In addition to providing sustenance, relief funds helped The Good Shepherd Church in Portoviejo – a church of about 300 that was devastated by the earthquake – rebuild their space for children’s Sunday School.

Another church, founded by pastor and chaplain Elvis Cerón in a community near the province’s prison (El Rodeo), used funds to buy building materials for their children’s ministry.

One unmarried TNTer, a youth minister who is about 30 years old, brought food home, which impressed his unbelieving father. “Why would strangers from the other side of the world send money to us?” This gesture has softened his stance toward his son Luis Gabriel having church friends over and going to share Christ on the streets.


Luis Gabriel (far left) and Pastor Elvis (second from left) studying the Psalms in TNT.

Praise the Lord that we can be such a tangible presence to our suffering brothers and sisters in this hard time!

Thank you for your generosity and being the hands and feet of Jesus in Ecuador. Let’s keep praying for God to use these difficult times for His glory and the building of His church.

There is still time to help churches of Portoviejo, Ecuador rebuild.

Learn more about Leadership Resources ministry training pastors in Ecuador:

Indonesian Pastor: “TNT has been an answer to prayer and an encouragement to our family”

Training Indonesian Pastors in Expository Preaching

The video below features Herediki, a pastor from a remote Indonesian village, sharing how LRI’s Training National Trainers program has transformed his life and ministry by equipping him to preach biblical sermons.

Traveling to his town to film this video was the first time LRI staff has had contact with Herediki. Herediki receives training from his pastor, Audy. Audy has been trained and faithfully passes his training on to Herediki and others in their remote Indonesian village.

Transcript of the Video: 

My name is Herediki Lupon. I attend a Baptist church in the village of Atep Oki. I joined this church to understand the Word of God related to me personally. This church has an emphasis on helping us understand the Word of God more clearly. This church is different than other churches around us: how we follow Christ is seen in our lifestyle with God’s Word.

I am an assistant pastor for the church. I wanted to become closer to the Lord and take the steps to become a minister, but I have not had the opportunity to go to seminary. Since I was young, I have had the desire to enter theological school, but was not able to follow my desires. All of the pastors that come to pastor here have encouraged me to attend theological school. But there are many challenges to getting to a theological school. It is quite far away, very time consuming and finances are very limited. And besides, I am forty-nine years old now. But it’s OK. So far, I have learned the training from Pastor Audy, and I can understand the Bible much clearer now.

TNT Training has been an answer to prayer and a great encouragement to our family… When Pastor Audy returns from a TNT training, he teaches me and others what he has learned, lessons about finding the big idea of a text, understanding the context of a passage, and many other lessons. This allows me to have a much more detailed understanding of the Bible, a better understanding of the context of the text.

Before I learned the TNT method that Pastor Audy taught me, when I would preach a sermon, I would just speak about any idea I found and would like to talk about. After learning the TNT methodology, I have become much more careful. I try to be an encouragement to the congregation so they can understand the true meaning of God’s Word. This has been helpful for my own family and the church members as well.

We try to give the training to our whole family so that our family can continue to be faithful. Not only our children, but also our grandchildren. I would really encourage you to continue the TNT training because it is having a very big impact—not only to the pastor, but to the church members. It has really become an encouragement to me personally.

Herediki is living proof of how God is using second generation TNT training to further strengthen the global church and is another example of why we love being a 2 Timothy 2:2 ministry!

“…what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” 2 Timothy 2:2

God’s Word spreads by equipping faithful pastors to rightly handle and proclaim God’s Word. Learn how you and your church can join us in this important work.

Read more stories of how those we have trained are impacting others by passing on their training.

Enjoying Rest and Refreshment from the Word in Honduras

Honduras Retreat Report

Thank you!

DSC_0623In January, Leadership Resources hosted a pastors-and-wives retreat at Lake Yojoa in Honduras – and we have Sanibel Community Church to thank for being a significant part of that.

The retreat was an extra special event that we wanted to do once in our four years of training with these faithful pastor-trainers, and it meant so much to them – and their wives, especially.

What We Did

We met at the modestly beautiful Hotel Finca Las Glorias on Lake Yojoa, the largest lake in Honduras. With mountains visible to the north, the spring-like weather and flowers made for a pleasant place for refreshment.


The mornings were dedicated to training. The pastors continued TNT training – this time studying through the books of 1 & 2 Samuel. The pastors’ wives also had their own workshop – being introduced to the Bible-study principles of TNT through their own study of the book of Ruth.

The afternoons and evenings were blocked off for time together as a group doing fun things, like a boat ride on the lake, a trip to nearby waterfalls, and an evening bonfire with a time of reflection and singing.

Why We Did It

ASC_0500To give rest and refreshment. Behind the scenes, the wives of pastors carry a heavy load – not only caring for their families and being involved in ministry to the church, but helping to bear the load of husbands who labor faithfully but are often discouraged and weary. We wanted to give the wives and their husbands a time of rest and refreshment together.

To say thank you. For the last four years, Leadership Resources has had the privilege of working with pastors in Honduras who are diligently serving their own churches and serving other pastors throughout the country. Their wives have given up time with their husbands as the husbands come twice a year for four days to receive the TNT training. We wanted to take one meeting in this four-year program to include the wives of these pastors – to encourage them, strengthen them, and say thank you.

ASC_0628To help them see what it’s worth. As many of these pastors increase their efforts in the next few years to train other pastors throughout Honduras (and even beyond, in Nicaragua and Guatemala), we wanted the wives to better understand what their husbands will be giving their time to. By experiencing the training themselves, the wives were able to see the worth of the training, and we trust that will help them, along with their husbands, to make the sacrifices that are necessary to equip other pastors in Honduras to teach God’s Word with God’s heart.

In Their Own Words*

Omar and Rosita 2Sister Rosita – I praise the Lord for the opportunity that He has given us to be with our husbands. Because, I’ve never been out of the house that much. I’ve only been away for two days – and never like this! And I wanted to thank God, because He has sent you. As another sister said, we didn’t realize how much we had to learn! We had studied the book of Ruth before, but not as profoundly as this. We now realize that we need to dedicate some time to the Bible and dig into it just like we have here. I praise the Lord because God has sent you here to Honduras to teach us.

Melquis and wifeOne of the wives – We’re so thankful to our brothers at Leadership Resources for taking us into consideration. Generally, it’s only the pastors, only the men, that are given a study. They are the ones that are working. But we are also supporting them… We’re so joyful for the teaching, the communion that we have had with one another. Sandra Paredes has the gift of being a teacher. We have learned a lot. We’re so thankful for all this.

Melquis’ wife – I have taken this to be a dream, and tomorrow I have to open my eyes. It’s been a blessing to get to know the sisters, and hopefully we will see each other again! Please thank everybody that has supported this so this could come true. Please thank them.

Pastor Aquiles – I want to thank God for this TNT training. In every occasion that we are together, God brings new things into our lives. It’s almost 30 years since I’ve been serving in ministry, but I feel like I’m just starting to know things.

In this study of Samuel, I had not seen it this way before – seeing Jesus Christ and the big picture. In all the Bible, we always should be talking about Jesus Christ, especially in the New Testament, as we see God’s plan. But through this study, we see that God’s plan is in the whole Bible. That impacted me this week. Knowing more about God in every chapter. God used our brothers – Brother Paul and Brother Patricio – to see beyond what we were seeing.

I think we’re here because God has allowed us to be here. Some pastors don’t want to be involved in TNT because they don’t think that this training has the same capacity as training from a seminary. I have received from many seminaries, but none of them have changed the lives of students like this.

So that’s why I thank God for this ministry. It’s been a question: Why do you think we’re here? Why is TNT here in Honduras? I say that God is merciful, and He sees servants for Him with many difficulties. But now He’s using other servants that come from another country. They come to teach us better and let us be better children of God. Thank you for this. I will praise the Lord for this.

ASC_0512Pastor Wilver – I thank the brothers that have helped us in the training, in the ministry, to preach the Word of God in a better way. Thank you, brothers. Sometimes I think I’m not supposed to be here, but then I realize that God has me here. God wanted me to change my preaching – to preach the Word in an even better way.

Noelia Guillen – I don’t know what words to say to describe the blessing that it is to be here. Thank you to all the ones in charge from Leadership Resources – for coming to Honduras, and especially this time including the wives. Because, as someone said, you always think about the pastors, but not all their wives. Whenever I heard about this – that the wives  were being included– I thought, “Wow.” And I would like to thank Sandra for showing me that I know nothing. [Laughter.] I had read the book of Ruth, more like a novel, that Ruth needed to get married to Boaz. And to see that there’s a plan there from God . . . I’m surprised that I have read this book before, but never in the way that we have learned it – and I don’t want to leave! I want to keep studying. I want to thank you, and may the Lord continue to use you. I hope that we can have you again sometime. Thank you, and may the Lord bless you all. And to all the people that made this possible, please thank them.

Again, we sincerely thank you all at Sanibel Community Church for partnering with Leadership Resources to make this special pastors and wives retreat a reality.

Submitted with much gratitude in Christ,

DSC_0475Patricio Paredes
Regional Director, Latin America

Paul Adams
Program Director, Honduras

*(edited for readability)

What is the cure for man-centered preaching in Myanmar?


Dear friends and partners,

Man-centered preaching scratches itching ears and fits the spirit of our narcissistic age. It is the theological equivalent of a “selfie”!

What this world needs is not an exalted view of itself (which causes so many problems to begin with), but an exalted view of Christ who will save us from our sinful selves. That is why Paul could write in 1 Corinthians 2:2, “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

Tui DawnYe Zaw, a Burmese pastor and professor at the Reformed Theological College of Myanmar, understands this thanks to the Training National Trainers (TNT) program.Ye Zaw has taken what he learned in TNT and has reshaped his whole life and ministry around training others to exalt Jesus Christ while preaching the Bible.

Consider the wide-ranging impact Ye Zaw is having with God’s Word:

  • In his ministry as professor,Ye Zaw is training his students to produce Christ-centered sermons.
  • Another group of pastors in the Shan State had been preaching “their own ideas—whatever comes into their head” due to a lack of training, he started regularly traveling to train them in Christ-centered expository preaching.
  • Over on the other side of the country, Ye Zaw teaches students from his own denomination as well as several other denominations including Baptists and Assemblies of God pastors.

Ye Zaw shares that his goal for all of the training is the same: “Christ-centered textual preaching—the opposite of man-centered preaching.”

God is using Ye Zaw to strengthen pulpits and churches ­all across Myanmar with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise God! Would you join us in praying that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored in Myanmar (2 Thessalonians 3:1).
In grateful partnership,

Craig Parro

image credit

4 Signs of God’s Providence in Haiti

Since the writing of the story below, Hurricane Matthew has devastated Haiti, taking the lives of an estimated 1,000 and leaving another two million homeless. Countless homes and churches have been destroyed, and disease and famine are spreading rapidly. Would you join us in prayer for our Haiti brothers and sisters and for the gospel to go forth in power? Come, Lord Jesus!

Dear friends and partners,

When you think of Haiti, what comes to mind? Crushing poverty…earthquake devastation…billions of dollars of aid that seem wasted?

Haiti’s future may look remarkably different because God loves Haiti and has raised up a people for Himself. And, in His providence, God is inviting Leadership Resources to equip the pastors of this Caribbean country. Here are four signs of God’s gracious providence…

  1. God brought us the right partner

Our ministry needs in-country partners who are like-minded and strategic thinkers. God led us to Dony St. Germain, a Haitian who runs a ministry which, in part, is dedicated to equipping pastors. Dony has the connections and the local smarts to make this gospel partnership take root and bear fruit.

  1. God speaks Creoleimg_5806

Haiti has two official languages: French and Creole. Everybody in Haiti speaks Creole, while speaking French is a status symbol used by some to look down on others. For the Word of God to flourish in Haiti, training must be done in the heart language of Haiti: Creole. The only problem is finding a translator who shares our passion.

Enter Edvard, a Haitian man studying biblical exegesis at Wheaton College. When he was a young Christian in Haiti, Edvard saw a preacher read from the French Bible in order to impress his congregation. Then, when the preacher tried to switch to Creole, he completely confused everyone, including himself! At that moment, Edvard felt a call from God to see Bible training and biblical resources available to all Haitians in Creole.

  1. God transforms hearts

In July, our team met with 34 exceptional students who were hungry for training and growth. When Haitian pastors realized the curriculum handed to them was in their heart language, their eyes lit up like five-year-olds on Christmas. “Look, it’s in Creole!!” God used the book of Jonah to transform hearts and show His mercy toward sinners and wayward servants.

One pastor confessed hating a man who persecutes him and looking forward to the day of his death. Now, he decided to pray for that man everyday and to try to reach him with Christ’s love. Another man, who once avoided thoughts of a lengthy journey to an unreached village, is praying for strength to walk the twelve hours needed to share the gospel where it has not been heard. 


  1. God is already multiplying His Word

Very early one morning a TNT (Training National Trainers) student surprised a barely-awake Sean Martin (LRI Trainer) as he made coffee, “Can I have another booklet that summarizes the LRI principles of Bible interpretation?”

“Why do you need the booklet?” Sean inquired, curious to both the request and its timing. Our student replied, “I talked to the principal at our seminary about how powerful God’s Word was in TNT training, and he asked me to share the training with our whole school!”

This isn’t the only exciting avenue for multiplication. Two TNTers have been commissioned by their denomination to share the LRI training with the leaders of all 1,000 churches!

Our joy and expectancy for God’s continued work in Haiti is overflowing. Many Haitian churches are still influenced by voodoo beliefs and practices and desperately need to understand God’s life-giving Word. This month, would you invest in us so that we can continue this valuable training in places like Haiti? By God’s grace, your gift will not be like the billions of wasted dollars, but rather will bring about a movement of God’s Word that flows through every Haitian church, to the glory of God!

Thank you for your partnership,

Craig Parro


PS: Our new translator Edvard told us the story of his wedding. Edvard violated the custom of Haiti’s elite by having his wedding performed in Creole rather than French. Some found this scandalous… after all, Edvard was a highly-educated man… of course he should have a French wedding ceremony. However, wedding attenders’ initial doubts ended with amazement: they heard a Christian wedding in their heart language! If God brings about a powerful movement of His Word in Haiti, it will be through gospel-centered men like Edvard. What a privilege to partner with a courageous man like Edvard!

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