Testimonial: What Does TNT Mean to Me?


Leadership Resources is passionate about equipping others to teach and preach the Word of God with the heart of God. One of the ways that this passion emanates from us is by bringing like-minded pastors on trips with us to see God’s work first-hand.

Several years ago we traveled and trained in Ethiopia with Pastor Allan Sherer of North Hills Community Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Below is Pastor Allan Sherer’s powerful story about how his experience with the Training National Trainers program has enabled him to train other leaders in his church and local area.

DSC_3725-1024x680“Four years ago my church entered into a partnership with LRI to conduct TNT training in Ethiopia. At the time, my understanding of TNT was limited.  Through Todd Kelly I had heard about their model of training, which focuses on small groups of leaders who, in turn, would train others. Todd and Doug came to Greenville and explained the essentials of TNT: careful selection, mentoring, and an unwavering focus on transformation as opposed to the simple dispensing of information – all facilitated in Biblically-immersive workshops.

Last week our four-year commitment concluded with two graduations in Ethiopia. I do not know of anything more humbling in my ministry than hearing one man after another share how his preaching and teaching had been transformed by our study of the Word together. “This is unlike any training I ever had,” was the common refrain. “Other trainings provided information, but my life was not changed. This training has completely transformed the way I think about and teach the Word of God.”

I understand their enthusiasm. Having participated in the training and come to understand the principles, I am introducing these concepts to my local church in several forms:

  • a preaching forum – a monthly meeting for young men learning to preach the Bible
  • our Leadership Development program
  • trainings in surrounding churches
  • trainings we conducted in area churches

Through these experiences we now share a common understanding and vocabulary of biblical hermeneutics that has brought continuity to the way we teach the Scriptures. We are now exploring a partnership in Colombia, South America to train a network of pastors with whom we have a connection.

Whatever the future form of our connection with LRI, the TNT principles have left a lasting transformational impact upon our church, the way we train, and the way we think about serving cross-culturally. We have learned the value of building capacity in others, in patiently developing partnerships with faithful men, and how much can be done to advance the Kingdom through the multiplication of transformational training. 

Words fail me to adequately communicate the benefits we have already seen from this partnership and the ways we hope to advance this training in the future!

Carry on LRI!  It is no overstatement to say our missions program and our entire church have been radically transformed through our relationship with you!”


Allan Sherer
Pastor of Missions and Outreach
North Hills Community Church
Greenville, South Carolina

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