Sermon Series on the Book of Exodus


Last week the Leadership Resources Global Ministries staff had the pleasure of studying the book of Exodus with guest preacher and teacher Phil Wheeler of Christ Church Gladesville, in New South Wales, Australia. During our time, Phil shared a several sermons on Exodus that he preached last fall.

Phil’s preaching shares a biblical theology of Exodus, explaining how Exodus connects to the whole story of the Bible and applies to us today as New Covenant believers. In our Training National Trainers and Fellowship of the Word programs we equip pastors to preach the Word with God’s heart and study everything in its biblical theological context.

You can download the team-taught sermon series courtesy of Christ Church Gladesville by right clicking on the message and saving it to your computer.

Messages in the Series:

Exodus 1-2: The God who Cares Phil Wheeler

Exodus 3-4: Do you know His name? Bruce Linton

Exodus 5-6: Knowing the God who Redeems Phil Wheeler

Exodus 12: Remember & Rejoice in the God who Redeems Rhys Old

Exodus 15-18:Knowing the God who Provides

Exodus 20: The God Who Demands Mark Dever

Exodus 25: Knowing the God who Dwells with the People on his Terms Morgan Renew

Exodus 32-34: Knowing The God Who Forgives Phil Wheeler

Exodus 35-40: Knowing The God Who Redeems Phil Wheeler

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Author: Kevin Halloran

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