One Crucial Thing Many Churches Miss: Seeking the Heart of God


We have often done well knowing the mind of God in our churches today. We have not done as well knowing His heart.

We have largely become a church that pursues insights, principles, and theological concepts. No other church in history has had sounder theology or has known as much about God as many of our churches do today. However, we seem to know so little about His heart.

Maybe this has troubled you, too. With all our insight, all our knowledge, all our information, and all our depth of theology, we seem to have so much difficulty functioning in the most basic Christian things, like personal holiness and loving people more than things. In our churches we are so easily hurt, and we hold on to those hurts for so long. We easily walk away from one another and quickly leave our churches when we experience disappointments and failures. There is often much judging and little compassion. Too many people remain alone in their pain.

God desires to reveal His heart to us and to build His heart into us as we seek His face. Insight alone does not transform us; only the things that flow from the heart of God transform the lives of people. As God opens His heart to be known by us and as He builds His heart into us, His love will flow through us to those who are in desperate need of His forgiveness, His compassion, His healing, and His life.

For those of us who desire to be used by God, the time is long past for us to be saying to one another, “What do you know? Where have you been? What have you accomplished?” The time has come–if we desire to be used by God–to be saying to one another, “What have you seen of God? What do you know of Him?”

To the degree that God gives us the grace to see Him, our lives and our ministries will become fruitful and effective. May God give us the grace to seek His face and to be transformed in His presence!

This excerpt is adapted from Adequate! How God Empowers Ordinary People to Serve by Bill Mills available as a print book or eBook. If you desire to be one of the ordinary people through whom God pours out His extraordinary life, you will find this book invaluable. We long ago recognized that we are inadequate for what God has called us to do. Yet the glorious news of the gospel is that we are Adequate! in Christ.

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