MP3 Audio from Gospel Growth & People Growth Conference featuring Mark Dever, D.A. Carson, Phillip Jensen, Tony Payne, and more


A few years ago, our friends over at Matthias Media partnered with Charles Simeon Trust and The Gospel Coalition for a conference called “Gospel Growth & People Growth” at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School on the topic of Gospel Growth discussed in the book The Trellis and the Vine. 

Here is a description of the conference:

The theme of the conference was focusing on people rather than programs as a way of growing ministry. The conference also served as the official launch of The Trellis and the Vine in the United States and featured speakers D.A. Carson, Phillip Jensen, Mark Dever, David Helm, Marty Sweeney, and Tony Payne.

Much of the audio from the conference is available in mp3 format free of charge.

Sessions include:

  • D.A. Carson: Introduction: Ministry, Motives, and Mentors
  • David Helm: The Personal Work of Gospel Witness
  • David Helm: The Pastor’s Work of Gospel Training
  • Mark Dever: The Four Ps of Evangelical Ministry
  • Phillip Jensen: Biblical Theology of Ministry 2: All God’s People as Prophets and Disciple-Makers (79 min) [part 1 not available due to audio quality]
  • Phillip Jensen: What Is Training? People not Programs
  • Phillip Jensen: How a Training Mentality Leads to Gospel Workers
  • Marty Sweeney: Obstacles to Training
  • Tony Payne: Training and Gospel Resources

Access the MP3s of the sessions here

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