A Refreshing Approach to Missions in Tanzania

In the video below, Africa Regional Director Doug Dunton describes the unique approach to missions in Tanzania, Africa in our Training National Trainer program. Training National Trainers focuses on training in biblical exposition that directly impacting the pulpits and congregations in Tanzania with the Word of God.

Here are some highlights of the video:

  • Training that directly impacts the pulpit. The TNT program transforms the preaching ministry of the local church. Throughout the TNT process, pastors learn how to dig the rich truth from the Scriptures so they can then communicate that truth to their congregations. Dr. Barnabas pastors a church of over 2,000 members. This means the tools and transformation that TNT brings directly impacts a very large number of believers. (Learn more about what God is doing in our ministry to strengthen the world with the Word.)
  • Focus on Exposition. This goes hand-in-hand with pulpit transformation because it teaches pastors to preach God’s message from God’s Word instead of their own message with verses for support. Time and again TNTers say that they had never heard that approach before. (See Allan’s testimony from Honduras for a first hand account of this.) Doug explains that two major reasons this is needed: to expose false doctrine and confront the “Name It Claim It” teaching that is prevalent in Africa.
  • Contextualization. A white North American will not be able to minister in Africa with the same effectiveness and ease of an African who has spent his whole life in that culture. Leadership Resources International seeks to equip national pastors to do the work of ministry, empowering them instead of causing them to be dependent upon foreigners for Word-centered ministry.

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