Leverage Your Kingdom Impact by Having Your Gift Doubled!


Dear Friends and Partners,

Would you please send us a donation today? I know I’m being blunt, but here’s why it’s so urgent…

  1. A Christian foundation has sent us $25,000 to expand our work in an Asian country that is hostile to Christ and his Church. Great news, right? Well yes, but… there’s a catch.

  2. We can’t spend it.They’ve designated it a matching gift. That means we have to raise an additional $25,000 from friends like you in order to be able to use their $25,000.

Here’s the good news: your gift will have double the impact.

That’s a 100% increase on your Kingdom investment—where else can you get that type of financial return? Plus, you’ll be laying up treasures in heaven, where the reward will be far greater!!!!

What will we do with the money?

Rakhine-Students-in-Small-Group-Study-of-Hermeneutics-300x199To help pastors like “Noah”, who lives in a country we work in. Upon first hearing the gospel, Noah and his fellow villagers tore down their idols and altars… even before they really understood the gospel. The village witch doctor (Noah’s father) searched a neighboring province to learn more about this Jesus. He found one Bible, one songbook and two cassette tapes. That’s all the resources he had to shepherd these babes in Christ.

The tribe tapped Noah to become their pastor and evangelist since he had been training to become their next witch doctor. He told us:

“A 15-minute daily shortwave broadcast from the Philippines was my only training to become the leader of 11 village churches.  I desperately need more training so I can be a better leader of my people.”

Doubling the impact of your gift is nice, but far more importantly, you will be helping Noah and many other oppressed and under-resourced pastors in his country. By extension, you’ll help nourish the souls of thousands of Christ-followers in their churches. That’s worth $25 or $50 or $100 or $500, isn’t it? To make your tax-exempt donation, please donate online at


and choose the Designation “Other” and type in “Asia/MG” to have your gift matched! The last day to have your gift matched is July 31, 2014. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to strengthen needy churches in the Word of God!

With gratitude in Christ,


Craig Parro
President of Leadership Resources International





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