John Wesley on the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures


“The Bible must be the invention of either good men or angels, bad men or devils, or of God.

1. It could not be the invention either of good men or angels; for they neither would nor could make a book and tell lies all the time they were writing it, saying, “Thus saith the Lord,” when it was their own invention.

2. It could not be the invention of bad men or devils; for they would not make a book which commands all duty, forbids all sin, and condemns their own souls to hell for all eternity.

3. Therefore, I draw this conclusion, that the Bible must be given by divine inspiration.”

–John Wesley in A Clear and Concise Demonstration of the Divine Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures

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Author: Kevin Halloran

Kevin Halloran

Servant of the Word. Husband. Blogs weekly at Anchored in Christ. Content Strategist/Trainer in Latin America with Leadership Resources International.