TNT Honduras Update: Stirring a Passion for Fellowship and Teaching the Word


Earlier this year, Leadership Resources returned to Siguatepeque, Honduras, to begin our second year of training with pastors from the Central American Churches of Honduras. LRI staff members Patricio Paredes and Paul Adams, along with guest teacher Juan Torres, led the brothers through a workshop on Genesis 1–11. The workshop focuses on introducing the concept of Biblical theology – seeing smaller parts of Scripture in light of the overall story and message of the Bible.

We saw good, steady growth among the brothers. The guys engaged well with the truths they discovered from the book of Genesis. They also expressed deep appreciation for the fellowship that has formed among the group. We continued to be encouraged by their heart and motivation to take this training out to other pastors throughout their respective areas of Honduras.

We estimate that through 2nd- and 3rd- generation training, they are reaching about 150 pastors with training in how to study and teach the Bible faithfully.

Two Short Testimonies from our Training in Honduras:


Omar (in the white t-shirt) and his wife have both been greatly impacted by TNT.

One pastor, Omar, had the following to share about how LRI’s Training National Trainers program is something that has impacted his wife and their ministry together:

“I thank God for the fellowship and the relationship we have between brothers…

…when the week of this training is coming, I get very happy. I get very enthusiastic, and I share with my wife, and I tell her, ‘We have a great time with these brothers.’ And even my wife gets excited. She prepares all my clothes for the next day.

When I used to go to other trainings at another seminary, she told me, ‘No, prepare your own clothes.’ But when I come to this training, she always has my clothes ready, and very neat.”

While Omar shared this, one of the other trainees chimed in, “Maybe it’s because other trainings were only two days long, and now you’re leaving for a week!” After the laughter died down, Omar continued with the following:

One of the reasons my wife gets excited and motivated – I have shared with her when we leave here how we treat each other… And when I pass on this training there [by training others], my wife is the coordinator of the kitchen. She feeds the pastors, and she feels joy in doing that.”

TNT has made a huge impact not only on Omar’s skills in the Word, but in his love for his brothers in Christ. Omar’s wife loves the transformation she sees in her husband and she can’t help but want to serve the men who Omar passes his training on to. Praise God for using His Word to amplify this couple’s ministry together!

Another great story of God’s work comes from Pedro, the oldest member of the group.


TNT has given Pedro the desire to teach the Bible with his remaining time on earth.

Pedro said concerning our time in Genesis:

“…I’m going to be honest, in the years that I’ve studied the Bible, it’s just now that I’ve discovered why is Genesis so important…”

Pedro continued to explain how being trained by LRI is fueling a passion to teach God’s Word for all of his remaining days:

“…all of my classmates here are younger than me. But my view from now on is, that the time that God gives me to stay on this earth will be for teaching the Word of God correctly, studying the Bible how it is meant to be studied, always using our framework correctly. So, … I don’t know how many years God is going to give me…, but if He’s given me this opportunity…I should share what He’s teaching me.”

We thank God for His faithfulness in our training and in the lives of those we train like Omar and Pedro.

God is raising up men all around the world who are hungry for the Word of God and eager to train others in the Scriptures. We can’t continue in this ministry alone–we have had to tell some men eager for training that we cannot come and train them in the Word due to a lack of funding.

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