Some Encouragement for Finding God’s Will

For some Christians, the thought of finding God’s will for their lives is more of a mystical fantasy than an everyday reality. Should this be the case? In God’s Will: Found Out or Found in? Bill Mills shares the following encouragement on finding God’s will:

Gods-Will-Book-What-does-the-Bible-say-about-the-Will-of-God-192x300If finding God’s will for us depended on our ability to figure it out, we would miss it again and again. Only when our Father is standing right behind us every moment, in every situation, whispering in our ears, “This is the way; walk in it,” will we be able to follow His leading. What a joy it is to know that the pressure is not on us to figure out what God wants us to do! What freedom we find in listening for the voice of our Shepherd and then following Him into the fullness of His glorious will! If we depend on ourselves, we will never get there, but if we seek Him with holiness and sincerity, there is not a chance in the world that we will ever miss anything God has planned for us.

–Bill Mills in God’s Will: Found Out or Found in? Buy in our store or on Amazon.

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