Update: God at Work in the Hearts of Ecuadorian Pastors and Church Planters


In December 2013, Leadership Resources International sent several of our trainers to Ecuador to lead training in our Training National Trainers program in the cities of Quito, Pedernales, and Portoviejo.

The results? God showed up. Each of the three training sessions were rich and impactful times studying the Scriptures and practicing Bible study tools to better draw out the rich truth of God. Many pastors shared how being a part of our training sessions is forever changing their lives, ministries, and preaching.

Should this be a surprise? I will argue that it shouldn’t be. God stands by His promise that He will not let His Word return void, but will use it to accomplish what He purposes (Isaiah 55:11). That is one reason why our training method of practicing hermeneutical tools while being immersed in a book of the Bible is so effective—God is behind it because He deeply desires for His Word to be faithfully proclaimed and handled correctly (2 Timothy 2:15).

TNT equips pastors with the tools they need to teach and preach God’s Word, and while they are studying God’s Word, God speaks to their hearts and transforms their lives, and in turn their ministries. We should not be surprised by God’s faithfulness!

IMG_0203-300x225One trainee, Oscar (standing in photo to the right), told me that he wants to share the gift of the training with others by going out and leading other pastors through our training.

He is currently running training sessions at his church, with other churches in the area, and with a group of rural pastors nearby. He realizes the importance of our training because he knows first hand that faithfully preaching the Word of God brings spiritual life and transformation.

Oscar and other pastors share their stories below of how God is using our training in their lives.


  • Oscar is currently planting a church and sharing our training at his church, to other churches in his area, and to a group of rural pastors.
  • Oscar’s response to the free gift he received of training in biblical exposition: “Keeping in mind that others do that for us; we are doing the same for others, going to train other pastors as well.”


  • Alberto shares his deep convictions after receiving our training: “We want to be biblical, we want to be Christ-centered, and we want to preach the truth. Thanks be to God that He has given you the opportunity to share with us.”

Juan Pablo:

  • pablo-300x237“TNT has been a huge blessing in my life in a very special way. We have been through a few sessions of TNT and I believe that each day it helps me, challenges me and prepares me to present God’s salvation message. This message transforms lives, this message directs men, women, children and families to live and walk Christ-centered lives.”
  • “I encourage many who can sit themselves down and work hard to handle the word of God rightly, to look in the Word of God for truth that we many times take very lightly…”



Juan Carlos

  • “[After TNT] I am amazed at the richness of the Word of God. The richness we can find in the word of God is so amazing. I am also amazed at the responsibility that we have to work in communicating the Word of God as it was given. We can communicate our own words, our culture can interfere, our thoughts, our theological formation many times. I am very amazed and impressed and I know the responsibility that we have in communicating the Word of God is very great.”

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