10 Conversation Starters for Disciple Makers


Have you ever had an opportunity to talk about spiritual matters with another person but whiffed because you didn’t know what to say? Maybe you let an opportunity pass you by–or maybe you tried to force a conversation and made it awkward and unnatural.

We’ve all been there.

Disciple makers need to be able to faithfully communicate God’s truth into the lives of those they shepherd–and often need conversation starters to help them do that job well. The ten discipleship questions below serve as a tools for the Christian leader’s toolbox and should help steer conversations toward spiritual significance.

10 Conversation Starters for Disciple Makers

1. What is the greatest thing God has ever done for you? (This is a helpful question to ask to gauge a person’s understanding of the gospel.)

2. How are you pursuing Christ in your life?

3. Are you treasuring Christ more and more in your daily life?

4. Are you growing in Christ or growing cold?

5. If you were to trace a graph with your finger describing the ups and downs of your Christian life, what would it look like, and why?

6. In what particular way have you grown in your understanding of the Christian life since we last met?

7. In what particular way have you grown in your practice of the Christian life since we last met?

8. In what particular way do you feel that you need instruction?

9. In what particular way are you disappointed in your own pursuit of holiness?

10. How, specifically, can I pray for you?*

If you have other helpful questions to spur on discipleship, please share them in a comment!

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*(The last five questions were originally shared by Mark Dever in Nine Marks of a Healthy Church.)

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Author: Kevin Halloran


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