The Most Important Thing for Developing a Vision for Ministry


Suppose one of the young people in your youth group, one with a whole heart for the Lord, came to you and said, “I want God to use me; I want to serve the Lord and bear fruit that will last forever; how should I prepare for that kind of ministry?” What should you tell that person?

Now, suppose you were able to take that young man or woman right into the presence of the Lord to be introduced and say, “Father, this is such a special young person with a great desire to be used for Your glory; how should he or she spend the next years preparing for a ministry that would glorify your name throughout all eternity?”

How would God respond? Would God say any of the following?

  • “The first thing you need to do is get the best education you possibly can. Your education will lay the foundation for your career, and the better you are educated, the more effectively I will be able to use you.”?
  • Study theology. The more effectively you can handle the Scriptures and apply them to the questions people are asking, the more effectively I will use you in the building of my church”?
  • Study psychology. You are living in a painful and competitive world in which people around you have more pain in their lives than they can handle. The more you can touch people in the places they are hurting, the more effectively I will be able to use you”?
  • Study technology. I have caused you to live in a time in which there are tools available for ministry and the proclamation of the gospel that people a few years ago hardly even dreamed would be available…”?

God would not say any of that, would He?

What God would say is, “Your ministry and your life will become fruitful and effective to the degree that you learn to see me.”

Cover_AdequateI believe that is what God would say because that is what He said to Moses, to Jeremiah, to Ezekiel, and to the apostle Paul. Have you noticed as you have studied the Scriptures how often God begins ministry with vision? That vision is not focused on what He will do through us as much as it is a vision of Himself. When we talk about vision, our eyes are often filled with all that we would do; when God talks about vision, He is talking about our eyes being filled with who He is. That is the vision with which God begins ministry.

This excerpt is adapted from Adequate! How God Empowers Ordinary People to Serve by Bill Mills available as a print book or eBook. If you desire to be one of the ordinary people through whom God pours out His extraordinary life, you will find this book invaluable. We long ago recognized that we are inadequate for what God has called us to do. Yet the glorious news of the gospel is that we are Adequate! in Christ.



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