TNT Results: Learning Bible-Centered Discipleship in the Philippines

IMG_8984Not all job-related promotions are welcome.

Jocel, a Filipino youth minister got an unexpected (and unwelcome) promotion when the Senior Pastor at his church left. Jocel knew he was not ready for the position thrust upon him–especially after his only mentor left.

How would Jocel, a young and fairly-inexperienced pastor make this work?

Thankfully, a short time later God provided Jocel two more-experienced pastors, Larry John and Neil, who saw Jocel’s need and took him under their wing to mentor him.

Soon after, an exciting opportunity fell onto the three pastor’s laps: they were invited by a friend to fellowship around the Word and deepen their skills in the Scriptures through the Training National Trainers program. What an amazing opportunity for Jocel to grow in Word-ministry alongside his mentors!

Here is what Jocel said after our beginning our training:

Slowly, I’m getting a handle on the idea of expository preaching. I continue to learn that text is king. I keep working at preaching the text and not my own ideas. In the past, I thought that discipling people is telling them what I have learned. Now I see that discipling is to teach/preach the Word to people. It is the Word that will bring transformation.
TNT has been a catalyst for the growth of more-experienced pastors as well. Here’s what Pastor Neil said after his training in 2 Timothy:

Last May, we learned that we as pastors must have the heart of God, not just the skill and methodology, but God’s heart which brings transformation. Now in 2 Timothy, we see that Paul is concerned to pass on his own heart to other people.

IMG_9039Pastors Neil and Larry John have taken Paul’s concern to multiply discipleship seriously–and not just with Jocel. This dynamic duo, along with their close friend Pastor Lito, have resonated with the heart of God for multiplying ministry and have already started several new TNT locations–and have 2 or 3 more groups in the works!

Jocel has since moved and began ministering in a new part of the country to reestablish the church there and is excited to have two new mentors and TNT to begin this new ministry on the solid footing of biblical partnership and biblical teaching.

Praise God for His work in the Philippines!

Kevin Halloran

Servant of the Word. Husband. Father. Blogs weekly at Anchored in Christ. Content Strategist/Trainer in Latin America with Leadership Resources International.