“The training helps to avoid heresies and focus on the Word…”


Several months ago, Leadership Resources trainer Paul Adams had a conversation with one of the pastors we trained in the Training National Trainers program in Togo named Francis. Francis is a church planter who shares his training in Biblical exposition with others planting churches.

In the video below, Francis shares why our training is important and why church planters need to be able to handle the Word of God correctly (2 Timothy 2:15):


Why is the training important?

The training helps to avoid heresies and helps focus on the word and avoid your framework. Most of the time in Africa, because of the background in Animism*, we try to enforce our points of view on the text, instead of letting the text speak to us. We want to speak on behalf of the text.

[Some] people who open the text and read a very good passage, and close the passage and the next 45 minutes or an hour is like a free range road–with everything to say. And he will say a lot of things that are good, but not what the text is not speaking about. We want to avoid that. That brings people to reinforce their mind, their setup, and what they think about a passage…

Is this kind of training necessary with church planting?

Yes, it is very important, because we want to model the life of Christ and also the pattern we find in the Bible. When we go on church planting from day one after planting the church, they start studying the Bible with the training we have, how can they dig into the passage for themselves, so they won’t depend on the life of the missionary, because the missionary has a short time to stay among them.

And after that, we hand off the church. We want the churches to really own the gospel by themselves. They know how to search the Word for themselves before handing over the church to denominations. We are sure on the spiritual aspect they do not depend on anybody.  They can really do their own devotions and know how to study the Word for themselves. That is very important.

We can’t dissociate the church planting from this Leadership Resources training team.

*According to Wikpedia, Animism “is the worldview that non-human entities, including animals, plants, and often even inanimate objects or phenomena, possess a spiritual essence.”

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