Are we confusing responses with results?

Responses vs. Results in Poland

Dr. Mark Young asked a group of pastor-trainers the provocative question, “are we confusing responses with results?” after telling this poignant (and unfortunately, true) story.

A prominent American pastor traveled with a small entourage to Poland to teach a pastors’ conference. Some time afterwards, Mark asked one of his Polish friends who had attended the conference about it. “It was great!” was his enthusiastic response. “Yes,” he continued, “all of us pastors loved it – we got to spend a weekend in a 4-star hotel. And all the Americans loved it – they got to spend a lot of money.”

In my mind’s eye, I envision the American pastor reporting back to his congregation the warm response he received in Poland…the words of gratitude, the tears in the eyes, the long and strong bear-hugs, and the invitations to come back soon.

“Are we confusing responses with results?”

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