Complete Audio from The Trellis & Vine Talk Podcast


A few years ago, our friends Tony Payne, Colin Marshall, and friends hosted a podcast called Trellis & Vine Talk, coinciding with the release of their influential book on church ministry The Trellis and the Vine. This podcast unpacks the major themes in the book and goes deeper in talking about implementation.

Below you will find the nine episodes embedded for your listening convenience. You may also be interested in audio/video from the Re:Growth Conference that shared what Tony and Colin have learned in the five years since T&V debuted.

Leadership Resources and Matthias Media (the publisher of The Trellis and the Vine) are partnering together to foster an expositional mindset in pastors and churches. Learn more about our work.

You can download the audio by right clicking (audio) and saving the file to your computer.

1. Not about small groups (audio)

2. Who is Your Sheep? (audio)

3. Are Evangelistic Events Worth it? (audio)

4. All About Small Groups (audio)

5. Disciple-Making a Mental Virus (audio)

6. Discipleship Teams (audio)

7. Common and Uncommon Preaching (audio)

8. Sunday Sermons: Necessary, but Not Sufficient (audio)

9. Church Planting and Personal Discipleship (audio)

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